Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

Insanely Amazing

My grandma is crazy. She loves to shop. She’s crazy about shopping. She is a loud Rhode Islander who can’t work the “Siri” like machine in her car because of her accent. Even though she is positive that I’m the one with the accent. When she tries to call my grandpa, Ed Dockray, it thinks … Continue reading Insanely Amazing

Sledding Adventure

It was a cold day. Prancing snow gently settled on a thick carpet of white. I stood on my creaky old porch on the back of the house, thinking about the oncoming adventure. Wind swooshed past my ears and above me lay a shining sun, partly hidden by thick clouds. I stared ahead at the … Continue reading Sledding Adventure

All Because Of My Brother’s Lacrosse Practice

“Remember, don’t do anything that is dangerous.” My mom said to me as I jumped out of the car. I listened to the slow creaking of the swing and the quiet rustling of the leaves on the leaves.  Waiting a few seconds before I excitedly  ran to the swings and jumped on the closest one, … Continue reading All Because Of My Brother’s Lacrosse Practice

Christmas Surprise (well, not so much…)

I stand at the old PC monitor in my basement. Blinking. Flashing. Scrolling. Changing its colors. Flashing in and out of reality. I wish I could see if I got the electric scooter that I had wanted for the past few months. It was the week before Christmas and all through the house, people were … Continue reading Christmas Surprise (well, not so much…)

Hanging from the Banister

I just woke up. It was our second day at the little wooden house in upper New York. It was a bright and sunny day, and my dad had promised me that we were going to check out the woods today. I got up and got dressed, brushed my teeth and woke up Dan. I … Continue reading Hanging from the Banister