A Day Too Remeber

The sky howled like a wolf and the sky was as balck as midnight. I stepped out side and everything was motionless and there was near dead silence. It alsmost seemed like everything was in slow motion. I shot my head to the left and the imense damage shocked metrees deystroyed fenses pools and were shattered all over yards. But the worst was a massive tree fell on top of my nieghbors house and it had been split into half, and there was ruble all over the ground. l ran over to powells through the bushes and l spotted his tall well build and ginger sataue in carny yellow shorts and a sky blue Conny lacrosse shirt.

“Hey hollered Andrew wanna go bike down to everet” , “sure”  l said as l projected my voice to Andrew while running across the grass. As l neared l could see out of the corner of my eye that the oak tree shattered splinters of wood onto the trampoline. And splatters of dirt covered the driveway and had showered the Nissan. Andrew popped out from behind the recycling bin as the cold air and smell of oil met me. “Hahaha” we both started laughing l took and l took the BMX bike and we raced down Stanford as we turned the corner l then knew how bad the hurricane actually was there was Row after row of deystroyed houses and downed power lines. The streets were covered in leaves and fallen tree branches and. “l didnt know that it was this bad” proclaimed Andrew while we were juping over and avoiding obsticles. “So many things are deystroyed” l said shaking my head. We bend a right as the wind brushed across my face, they were items outside on peoples lawns. “How come other people got hit so much harder then us”? I thought to myself, its much worse than l pictured it bieng. My legs were trembling along as we rode over a spine tingling bump we saw what had once been a kindom of evergreens was gone thrown everywhere. We both stopped and sat there silent in amazment. It was a tragedy that had happened and l knew that things were going to change after the storm. I never knew what it felt like to be hit with a natural diasaster at home until now. We headed back to Andrews and it started to pour with rain , the road was as slippery as ice. Exauched we jumped of our bikes and hit the grass, the grass kissed my legs as I was relived to rest. We were sweating buckets and we headed inside slowly and steadily. The water kissed my throat as Barbie came out with nachos. The nachos burned my eyes just too look at and the pepers fried my nose. I tossed the peppers off the nachos and dug in.

My stomach felt strangley empty because of the hurracaine and the damage that it had cause to not just Easton but people l know. It was horrible, lightning rocked the walls as l ran back to my house through the mud the mountain tumbing sounds shattered my eardrums and left me dizzy.

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