A Knew Understanding

I was in Atlantis and I was eleven. We were suited up and we were heading to the pool. I was wondering what the dolphins will be like I thought. On the way to the pool my aunt yelled while running away, “Why did you trick me into going cage diving!”

My brother ran after her and stopped her and explained to her that we were not going cage diving. Oh Jenny when will you learn? I thought to myself.

Then we started walking again and we walked near a boat with a cage on it. “No why do you keep doing this to me!”

She started running again and my brother had to go get her again and explain that we were going to a different pool. I guess you will never learn Jenny.

So we walked over to the right pool and we jumped in. We were using water scooters roaming around in the dolphin’s habitat watching their every move. Then one dolphin came up to me and nudged me playfully. He swam away and came back with a friend. The instructor told me to grab on to their dorsal fins, they were very slick and slippery. I was wondering what was going to happen and suddenly they surged forward almost throwing me off. I was wondering why I was holding on but I felt like I just couldn’t let go. I didn’t know why until the instructor yelled at me to hold on. Why would I hold on I could get hurt! But for some reason I just wanted to. “Ahhhh I was so scared about what was going to happen and I finally realized that it was fun. I was still scared but suddenly without even thinking I started yelling “Weeeee!” They were so smart and were very agile and sharp in the water. After a minute they were finally able to throw me off.

I was thinking of how lucky I was for something like this to happen to me. But then one by one my family started doing the same thing as me. As soon as we started getting out the dolphins erupted out of the water shooting up into the air. They were doing tricks as if they were waterproof machines. I will never think of dolphins the same way that I had before.

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