A lot of Laughing


I remember looking down and realizing that the water was only ten feet down but, it felt like a mile. My stomach had dropped and the lifeguard said it was time to jump. It my head I though, “Three… two… one…” Then, I finally felt my feet leave the ground. Soon I was in the water. It was a great day at Brownstone Quarry. It was action packed with zip lining and cliff jumping.

“Lets go to the twelve and under obstacle course!” Julia suggested. “What a great idea.” My twelve friends and I replied. As we approached the obstacle course it was filled with little kids. There were twists, turns, and jumps. We couldn’t wait to get on. As we entered the water I heard, “You have to be 12 and under to go on this course.” Julia, Elliot, and I turned around to see if they were talking to us and they were.. We were confused and decided not to talk back to the lifeguard.. As swam past her, she said, “You have to be wearing the kids life jacket. You guys are wearing ones made for adults.”  I rolled my eyes and began to walk down the dock. “Now I can’t even spend time with my friends!” We weren’t just gonna wait there and watch our friends have fun.

Julia, Elliot, and I decided to walk over to the water activities. I remember watching people getting launched in the air like rockets and crashing into the water.  I hoped I was able to go on. We decided to go on the water trampoline. There was a decent line but we could wait.But of course, there were bratty boys being themselves, trying to cheat. They would hop forever and once they got off, they would try to climb up the other side. I despised them and I just wished they went away. When the boys finally got off we hopped on. I had the greatest time and it was a blast!

Then a leg flopped up on the side of the trampoline. A boy was trying to pull himself up. His face came up and he barked, “HELP ME UP!” This random kid had the most disoriented face and he looked like he was dead. I began to feel afraid and startled as he began to closer and closer.  I tried to get off the trampoline as fast as I could. “ABANDON SHIP!” I yelled. Soon after I jumped off “the ship”, Julia and Elliot were scrambling as the boy made it onto the trampoline. In the corner of my eye I saw Julia tumble across the trampoline. My eyes began to water and I bursted out laughing. Then Julia and Elliot jumped of the side and I could see bubbles floating to the surface. I was reassured when I saw Julia’s beach blonde hair under the surface.

Now everytime I go to Brownstone I will remember this amazing day. I realized that friends are important to have. They are there to create memories.

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