All Because Of My Brother’s Lacrosse Practice

“Remember, don’t do anything that is dangerous.” My mom said to me as I jumped out of the car. I listened to the slow creaking of the swing and the quiet rustling of the leaves on the leaves.  Waiting a few seconds before I excitedly  ran to the swings and jumped on the closest one, and immediately started to swing.  I had wanted come to my brother’s lacrosse practice because of the playground behind the ECC building  by the tennis courts. My mom had said that it was okay for me to go there because it was next to the field that my brother had his practice on.

Even though I was in 3rd grade at the time my mom was still always worried about me.  After a while I thought to myself “ Why don’t I jump of the swing and see how far I can go.”  I knew that my mom had told me not to do anything dangerous or I might get hurt, but at the time I was sure that I would be fine and nothing bad would happen. I had just jumped of the swing three times and I was just going to do it again when I let go of the chain too late and didn’t have time to jump off before the swing swung back, throwing me down to the ground and knocking the wind out of me.

When I finally sat up I realized that my middle finger on my left and right hands were hurting. The first thing that went through my mind was, “Oh no!, I just broke two of my fingers.” My second thought was, “My mom!, She told me not to do anything that could hurt me, and I had promised.” Once these thoughts had left my mind, the pain of my fingers slammed into my head. Somehow I figured out that my left hand hurt more.

I then decided to wait a few more minutes before I found my mom to see if the pain went away. It didn’t. So I made the decision to find my mom and see what she would do about it. I found my mom and told her what had happened she immediately understood and took me to the doctor to get x-rays. On the way there she told me that she was not mad at me, but wanted me to listen to her when she told me to do something or not to  do something. When we got there we had to wait for a little while before the doctor called me in. “Wow! What a story to tell the kids at school!”  I thought as the doctor was taking x-rays of my hand.

 Later on that day I was told that I had ripped the tissue in my left hand middle finger. If I had learned anything that day it it would be to always listen to your parents no matter how silly you think it is. All this happened because of my brother’s lacrosse practice.

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2 thoughts on “All Because Of My Brother’s Lacrosse Practice

  1. I really liked your memoir. I loved how descriptive it was, it made the reader feel like they were actually part/in the memoir.

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