Beach Cottage

I had just woken up beside my older cousin Julie, at the time I was six and she had just turned seven in May about a month ago. She wasn’t awake yet, but I decided to wake her by whispering in her ear, “Wake up Julie.”

Her eyes popped open and she sat up in our bed. I told her that we only have two more nights left at our beach cottage, she then frowned and rubbed her eyes to get the sleep off of them. I looked at the alarm clock at the side of the bed it read 6:50 in green, we slowly through our feet off the side of the bed and then put on our matching white jackets that read “Fort Lauderdale, Florida” in purple on the front and right sleeve, because it was always cold in the morning.

We crept down our dark brown wooden stairs that squeaked when stepped on. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, no one was up so we decided to open up the large white wooden door and thin black screen door that lead outside to the patio.

We walked down the three cement stairs that connected the patio to the sand, and then down to the ocean and stuck our bare toes into the ice cold water, that we loved the feeling of that.

We wanted to walk down to the creak that our brothers found the day we bought the cottage about one year ago. It was a long block of wood and behind it was a small river that flood out from a large cement grey bridge and lead into the ocean, on one side of the wood there was sharp rocks that if you scraped your net agents then you can catch blue shell crabs, baby crabs, shrimp, and many different kinds of fish.

When we were about a quarter of the way there Julie saw a chocolate lab darting toward us, she screamed, “MADISON!” in a scared voice.

I looked up quickly and saw dog. We turned around and then started to run back to the house as fast as we could, but the dog eventually caught up then jumped on us we fell to the ground crying and trying to push the dog off we were yelling for help, but everyone was still asleep . Then all of a sudden we looked up and saw Tia our Brazilian aunt (who were yelling time didn’t know much English) was screaming Portuguese at the dog. She lifted the dog up by the stomach and fling him a crossed the beach the owner put him back onto his red leash then picked us up over her shoulder and ran us back into the house.

We sat on the fluffy black couch. Everyone came rushing down stairs and saw us crying we explained what happened that we were walking to the creak and we were attached by a dog. But at the end we only ended up with a few scratches and bruises.

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