Being The Best Goalie

Boom! Boom! I blocked the shot. My team was winning 2-0 in gym class. We wanted to make it to the finals, I was afraid of losing our game in the finals because I never been goalie before but I was good. No one scored on me during our games. It was my first time playing goalie. I didn’t want to but, I had too. I was good playing goalie. I started blocking all the shots. Now I realized that I would be the best goalie and my team will win the finals. We won our first game in the tournament.

Our next game was hard. They shot really good but I blocked the fast shots. Our team didn’t score because their goalie was good. In the end we had 10 seconds left I was worried if we were going to lose. I caught a shot. 6 seconds left. I said to myself

“If I pass then we won’t have time to score”.

So then I shoot from our goal all the way to the other goal and GOAL!!!!! I was surprised that I scored Right through the goalie’s legs. Then my team was happy and the other team mouth dropped they were so shocked. 1 second left and we won now we were going to the semi finals.

My team was so excited. In our next game my gym teacher told me to not be goalie. Since I was also good in offense I then scored 2 goals. I thought we were going to cream this team but then I realized that they were good. One of their players scored on us. 2-1 we had to win this game. 20 seconds left they have the ball and i’m worried like a person doing their SAT’s. They shoot and ….. miss our goalie blocked the ball then one of my teammates score and the game is over. My whole team was excited and ready to win the finals.

We then go to take a drink and we were thirsty like a marathon runner. In the finals we were facing a hard team but their goalie was bad. Our team later score 3 goals and they score 0. Their shots always went to the right. We won, our team was sweaty like a person stuck in the desert. In all of our games I blocked all the shots no one scored on me and it was my first time being goalie from that day I would always remember that gym class when I was being the best goalie.

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