Birthday Memories

“Splat!!!” the sound of cake hitting me in the face. My 9th birthday cake was splattered all over the floor and and room. The best birthday food fight in the history of birthday food fights. Everyone was laughing and having and I honestly was having the best time of my life….. to bad that wasn’t how my party started or ended. This is what actually happened.

I was having my 9th birthday in almost a day. I was in Pennsylvania at the time since my mother had to work during the summer. It was the busiest time of year for her because she works for an airline. Anyway, I was turning nine soon and I wanted to have some fun on my birthday. I was currently at my Aunt’s house with 3 of my cousins.My aut lives in the country part of Pennsilvaina, there is not much around but I see wildlife every where I go. So I was there in the blank area with only three others there that I could really talk to.One was named Andrew and he was about to go to college. He as a basketball player and he wanted to go professional. He had the body builder aspect. He always spoke of himself as if he was the strongest man alive. The other is named Raymona and she is out of college and is working. She likes to be a princess, I think thats why she won Prom Queen. Lastly, the smallest is named Sean. He is in 4th grade. He loves action and cars. I think he wanted to be a mechanic or a race car driver but I never really paid attention.We both loved to play video games and play outside. That was about all we liked to do together and we both didn’t really have much to do around the house. When our parents found out that we had nothing to do, both our parents signed us up for camp.

Now that my cousin and I were in the camp and we made friends our first trip day came about. “ We’re going to Camelback Beach!!!” the camp director said with a loud voice to alert the whole camp. The camp bursted with happiness and we soon were off to the waterpark.Now the camp wasn’t a big one. It had only about 50 people who participated in either helping or were kids that signed up. We got into the different transportation vehicles because the camp directors didn’t want some of the older kids making a girlfriend or boyfriend. We all went to are designated vehicle and were starting to move. We played games and talked about the past week or so, and we laughed. We all had no idea what to do when we first got there. Since I was a strong swimmer I decided to go to the wave pool. Some of my friends thought of coming with me but I never noticed my little cousin Sean in the background.

We made it to the park and were assigned our counselor to guide us around the park. Since I was technically 9 years old I was able to go by myself. But my cousin was with another counselor so most of the time I wasn’t able to see him. I ran around and swam and it was almost closing time. “ ONE HOUR UNTIL CLOSING TIME!” I heard over the loudspeaker. I never thought of going on the water slides. I shortly saw my cousin after the announcement. “ Noah can we please go on a ride together… please?” My cousin asked me. At the same time my friends called me to go on rides with them. I had to make a big decision. I looked down to my cousin and ran over to my friends, “ Guys, I haven’t hung out with my little cousin for the whole day. Im going to go with him for the rest of the time we have here. He really wants me to go on some rides with him.” I said to my friends. “ Sure go hang out with him, we will see you later.” The told me. I quickly ran back to my cousin and asked him if he wanted to go on the new ride that they just added to the park. My cousin said that he wanted to go to that one anyway. We ran across the park as fast as we could to the ride. The park was bigger than I thought it would be. There was We got in line and waited for what seemed to be and hour but was only 20 minutes. When we reached the top of the ride I remembered that my cousin wasn’t the strongest swimmer and the ride was a whirlpool that dropped you into 8ft water. He seemed really confident when he looked at me so we got on the ride and shot down a dark hole. I could hear the echo of us both falling and screaming. We were soon spinning uncontrollably and we fell straight into a big pool of water. I was very disoriented and couldn’t find my cousin anywhere . When I was above water I was able to see that he was right in front of me and was laughing at how dumb I looked when I was underwater looking for him. I even laughed too.

That was I would say the most fun I had with my cousin. Later that night we celebrated my birthday earlier by an hour or two. When I went to blow out my candles he pushed my face a little and got frosting on my face, I got some frosting and chased him until I got my revenge. So you could say we had a little food fight that night.

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