Biting is Not the Only Option


It was a 70 degree day, the sun was beating down on us like a week of long exams. My brother and I had nothing to do because we already went outside and played all the activities inside, by that, we became bored.

So, my smart brother Andrew who was seven, came up with an interesting idea: wrestling, the most dangerous sport a seven year old could think of. Of course me, the spontaneous four year old couldn’t reject the idea of me hurting my “pain of the butt” brother. Andrew and I agreed to play “wrestling” to let the time go by. My parents were upstairs, so we got the whole first floor to ourselves.

My devious brother counts down, “Three, two, one.” We charge at each other like a pack of angry dogs. Andrew, first tickles me and I could not bare the pain, so I fall to the lonely floor. My brother just got started, he gives me wet willies and puts me into a painful headlock which leads to a hardcore nuggie. He was like the predator getting his prey. I knew I wasn’t going to last, so I had to do something.

So, I panicked and I bit his pale fleshy arm with my dagger-sharp teeth. Then his evil grin turned into a sad face. Tears come pouring out of his face as fast as Niagara Falls. My mouth started to taste like guilt and regret. Andrew, then gallops up the stairs like a horse stampede into his room where my parents were. They got flames in their eyes, they went downstairs seeing my face hidden in a pillow. My four year old logic was, if I can’t see them, they can’t see me. My Dad picks me up and brings me upstairs to discuss this event. In my defense it wasn’t my fault, he came after me first and I had to somehow defend myself. I lost the trial and served four days locked in my cold,dark,princess filled room.

In the end I learned that there are many different SMART decisions a person could make to solve a problem. Every action has a price to pay. Sometimes that price teaches you right from wrong. So, what would be the smart idea to win a wrestling match between your devilish brother?

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5 thoughts on “Biting is Not the Only Option

  1. Dana, it was great! I was laughing out loud because I know what it feels like to be attacked by your sibling. I loved it!

  2. Dana, I thought your story was great. I loved how you put in that suspense when your parents were about to come down the stairs.

  3. Overall, your memoir was very good, it was funny and very relatable. My favorite metaphor was, “the sun was beating down on us like a week of long exams.”

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