Bubble Trouble

I pushed the door to the pool area open just enough so my little four year old body could wobble through. I walked into a very humid room which held the pool the pride and joy of the JCC. The water was crystal clear and the overwhelming scent of chlorine filled the air. I skipped over to the blue bin with a scattered bunch of bubbles from kids throwing them on the floor so they could be the first one to get changed. I grabbed a bubble off of the green and white tiled floor and put it on thinking of how close I was to being without one but not as close as my best friend at the time Gabby. She got hers off last swim practice and I was jealous.

I could feel the foam rectangle pressing against my back as I strolled over to the mural painted wall of the deep blue sea and all the magnificent creatures that it held. All the other students were lined up ready to start the lesson. We each leaped into the water one by one with the teacher watching in case we need help. At the end of the lesson I was about to swim to the steps when my teacher called me over. I doggy paddled from the side of the pool to my waiting instructor. Once I got to her I was told to take off my bubble. I had a sudden surge of excitement knowing what was coming next and… I did it! I swam to the floating steps of the pool and that bubble was history. I strutted up the steps of the pool with a big grin on my face.

I couldn’t wait to tell everybody, especially Gabby. I guess I wasn’t jealous anymore, I mean I got my bubble off just a day after and I guess that means we are both fantastic swimmers and I couldn’t wait to share that moment with her.

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3 thoughts on “Bubble Trouble

  1. I like your lead and hook in the beginning of your story. It is very descriptive and I can picture the JCC very clearly.

  2. I liked that story. It had a nice meaning and I felt really good and I felt I had done something well also. It was great

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