In what incident do you scream until your body screams for the end, blood shooting all over, getting rushed to the hospital and having to get a type 4 surgery right away after getting knocked out. A incident that you will have to wait for.

As I cry and scream in the emergency room, I hear “We need to do it now” the doctor says to Danielle and my parents but also his other workers in a fast and hurrying way. The doctor comes to me and explains what they are about to do and that they are going to put a shot into me that makes me get knocked out. As they put it in, the white sparkling room goes as black as it can be.

The year was 2007. I was 6 years old. It was one year after we moved into my new wonderful home in plain and dwelled Easton. My parents were in the kitchen with my babysitter, Danielle. They were going out. Danielle was given simple directions: watch me, feed me , help me with my homework, and play some games with me.


Problem was my sister is not going to be here with us because she was out and it is always better with her. I didn’t know why but with her not around even when someone is with me, i still feel a little unsafe. She is the extra piece to my scary puzzle and with her with me when at night to protect me, it is complete. But i trusted Danielle because she has been with us since i was born and she was with us in our white-up in years Fairfield  house and our new-wind freshened house. “Ok, thomas we will have fun” Danielle says in the nicest voice as possible. She is actually like a family member to us because she is always with us.  I nod my head in understanding ways that i can only understand. And then “Ok looks like its our time to leave” my dad says with him wearing a black blazer with a handkerchief hanging out the pocket, with a tie with black and blue striped with a chocolate lab on it to represent our dog Truffle.

“Goodbye”, my parents say while walking to their coats.

“Love you dad” I say and then hug him, do our handshake and kiss him on the cheek. As my small little body evacuates from him and heads to my mom, she says “Love you Thomas, ok. Be good and make sure to do your homework.”

“Love you too mom, see you later, and you can trust me”. I kiss her and hug her. Her coat comforts me and i don’t want to let go. I am just standing there, my arms around hers and hers around mine, until the connection shadders apart. They say their final goodbyes and walk out of the house, but peek through the door at me while i’m doing the same to them until their eyes disappear in the crack of the door.

“Why, why can’t we watch tv instead” I moan out like a tired lion crying for his sleep. She stares at me with her serious eyes. I followed what she said. We sat down with my stuff and started on science. It was about 5 minutes after we sat down that  we finished the first page and were onto the next.  I was shocked and relieved that we were done. The second page was temperature and i was good at it but we finished that in 18 minutes.  But through it i moaned “Why do i need to do this, next is math, why can’t you do it for me like when i was 4?”

“Break time and your older now” She says as she gets up. I stay in my seat for a couple seconds but then get up and go to the bathroom. After we go back to math now, sadly and the clock read 7:30. I took the two sheets out and it attached to me, if i do this fast and seriously, we can watch TV. The first page was multiplying and adding. I was good at multiplication so i felt confident. After an amount of time that I didn’t have in my life, we finished the first question.  2 x 3, 7 – 3, 8 x 2, 9 – 7 were the questions left and i hated them. I mean they expect a little kid with a strange mind to do these. But with delight Danielle helped me and we got it done at 7:48.  Dinner time was the next step on the list. Danielle was going to make me mac and cheese, one of my favorite foods. I am just sitting, waiting, staring at my electric x-7 sharpener and just had a thought. I got two thoughts in my mind, one “Do something with the sharpener” and my second is “That’s a cool sharpener”. And of course the first one stuck to me and then i looked around for something to put in . In the glare of my look, i see my pinky, and i am locked on. It was a idea that a stupid kid would think for. I kept looking back and forth at the pinky and sharpener, until i was ready for the mission. I looked at my babysitter and made sure she was not looking, when she wasn’t perfect. THREE, TWO, ONE.. BAM.. I moved my pinky to the sharpener and set it lined to the hole. Loud noises echoed and appeared in the room and house and it was because of me. I scream at the top of my lungs until my lungs can’t no more, and Danielle rushes at me while in shock. My eyes stay open, bloodshot, fierce, scared. An arm reaches at mine and pulls, harder and harder until the sound ends, but i still scream. I look at my finger and i can see the bone and i pass out. There was blood all over.

Then i am in the emergency room. I look at my pinky, still clear of the bone, still blood. My parents are here and i am in shock and am mad. I messed up my parents plans because of my pinky. The world is very slow, i move to my finger and then to my parents who are crying. It goes back and forth until i am so confused, but i have no thought. I felt like my parents wanted me to think of this and wanted me to know.


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3 thoughts on “Emergency

  1. I liked how he motivated himself to do his homework first, then he could watch TV. Although, the incident and all the gruesome descriptions was really intense and scary.

  2. I liked how he motivated himself to do his homework first, then he could watch TV. Although, the incident and all the gruesome descriptions was really intense and scary!

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