His eyes adjusted to the light as he stepped forward. The blinding light was almost too much for him and he was tempted to step back into the darkness. He heard the door shut behind him and he abandon the idea immediately. “I could go to McDonalds,” he thought taking out his phone. He started walking and it took 20 minutes for a five minute walk. Walking wasn’t one of his hobbies. He sat down and ordered two Big Macs. He just sat down when his phone rang.

“Hey dad,” he said as he picked up the phone.

“Hello,” his dad replied. “I’m coming home now. You want me to pick up something to eat?”

“No thanks, I’m eating now.” Rick replied.

“Ok, i’ll be home in a bit.”

“Ok, Bye dad.”


His order came and he quickly ate the food and exited the store. A police car whizzed down the road quickly followed by a few more.”What is that about?” he thought. He started walking to where the police cars headed. He turned onto his street and saw the police cars outside his house. He ran down the road and he saw his dad entering one of the cars.

“Dad!” He yelled.

“Rick!” Came a muffled reply. A big guard walked up to him, blocking his view.

“You can’t come any closer.”

“But that’s my dad,” Rick protested.

“He is under arrest for treason conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy and treason?” Rick thought. “But my dad works for the government. Why would he do that.” As far as he knew, his dad liked his job working for the government.

Rick watched as the police cars left one by one. He sat down on the steps, feeling helpless. His head was swarming with thoughts. An idea popped into his head. He went inside and started typing on the computer. After a few hours he had a solid plan.


He went into his dads closet and took out his dad’s uniform and ID. He then hacked into the governments servers, which took a few hours, and then downloaded and printed out “transfer” papers. He changed into the uniform and stepped outside. The clothes were a tight fit but he managed to put them on. he walked down to the government building. He scanned his card and entered the building. He approached the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator door slid open and he stepped inside. He pressed the button to the third floor and the elevator lurched upward. The door opened again and he got out. He looked to the left and saw rows of rooms. He looked to the right and saw more rooms.  He decided to try the left. He walked down until he got to the right room. He entered and went to the file cabinet. He took out his dads ID files and left the building. He then got on the bus and went downtown to where the jail was. He got off and paused for a moment. The intimidating jail stood before him. He took a deep breath and proceeded forward.

“Identification,” the robotic voice said. He scanned his card and the gate opened. He walked through. He waved at the guard and he nodded back. He then went into the main building. He presented the ID papers and the guard waved him in. He entered into the prison cells and walked past the two guards there.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I am here to transfer prisoner 284 to Southport jail.”

“Where are your papers?” Said the other. Rick handed over the papers he printed earlier. He scanned them into the computer and handed them back to him. He took them and put them back into his pocket. He walked up to his dads cell and got the guard to open the cell. His dad looked up and recognized his sons face. Rick calmly took the “prisoner” and escorted him out into an aromered car. The guards scanned his ID and papers for transport again before letting him go. His dad stayed quiet the whole time surprised at what his son was doing. Rick got into the car and slowly made his way out of the gate. Then he drove into the street and started driving. His dad sat up, bursting with questions.

“How did you get those papers?” His dad asked.

“I printed the papers off the internet.”

“How did you get into the jail in the first place?”

“I used your uniform and ID.

“And you thought of this all by yourself?”

“Yes” Rick said proudly.

“One last question. Where are we going?”

“That’s a question that I don’t know the answer to.” Rick replied.

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