The day felt like it lasted forever! I was sitting in Mr. Clark’s 5th grade classroom on the day my baby sister was being born. I had been sick with a cough for a few months and was taking a lot of disgusting medicine that tasted like glue, berries so sweet they were bitter and burned and a powder you had to drink just so I could hold my baby sister. Also, on top of that I had to wear a mask over my mouth because she didn’t have an immune system and if she got sick, she might die. My grandma had already seen my baby sister, Hope and had pictures. She was picking me up from school to bring me straight to the hospital. As soon as the long, torture filled school day was over, I got in the car and me and my little brother Luke looked at pictures of Hope. She was the cutest baby I had ever seen. She was my sister, my little sister and we were more than 10 years apart. Tears were in my eyes but I wasn’t going to let them out. We drove up to the Bridgeport Hospital and the whole drive me and Luke were saying, “Are we there yet, are we there yet?”

    Once we arrived at the hospital, me and Luke ran up to my mom and Hope’s hospital room. I put on my mask and pushed open the door and sprinted in. Hope was so adorable. She had a tiny little body that couldn’t have weighed more than 8 pounds. She had 2 little dark blue eyes as dark as the ocean and a full head of dark black hair. Her skin was pale and her fingers were as thin as toothpicks. She was wrapped up in a pink blanket and had a pink hat on her head. “Can I hold her?” I asked.

“Yes, but you have to sit,” my mom replied.

I took Hope in my arms and held in tightly. I knew I would never forget it. I felt so happy like nothing in the world mattered at that moment but her. The thought of having a sister just gave me joy. I cradled her in my arms and rocked her to sleep. I wanted to stay with my mom and Hope overnight, but I had to go. I threw my paper mask in the trashcan and got in my dad’s car.

    I couldn’t wait to see Hope again and hold her tomorrow. She was my sister, my baby sister Hope and no one could take that from me.


By Hailey V

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2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I liked your description, I could imagine you saying that your cough medicine tasted like glue, berries, and strange powder. Amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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