Insanely Amazing

My grandma is crazy. She loves to shop. She’s crazy about shopping. She is a loud Rhode Islander who can’t work the “Siri” like machine in her car because of her accent. Even though she is positive that I’m the one with the accent. When she tries to call my grandpa, Ed Dockray, it thinks she is trying to call Aed Dockerae. This feeds her makes her crazy and makes her say it in different voices. Then I attempt to get the machine to work on my first try and I’m victorious. So, the point is she’s insane. Christmas is her favorite holiday because it gives her an excuse to buy more presents and see the glee on our faces that appears each time the wrapping peels off. My grandmother always makes a bigger deal out of everything than it really is. When I say I like something in a store that means I have to have it. If I don’t like an article of clothing in a store it means I hate the whole store and I’m trying to waste my grandmother’s time. So, it was Christmas Eve and I was at my grandparents house. They have a very cozy home that they just redid because of the hurricane that flooded their house. Let’s just say when she was talking to my mom on the phone and she wasn’t happy. Anyway, we were at her house with my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. Most people get their presents on Christmas day but my grandma likes to have the day to all to herself to give out presents so she gives us presents on Christmas Eve. We were welcomed into their brand new home we with hugs. This year was different though, the living room that we were standing in was empty. The usually covered living room looked as if my grandmother wasn’t crazy! All of us, trying not to be rude, walk in and try not to look disappointed. An unusual, smug smile is plastered on my grandmother’s face but you can tell she can’t hide it. I was suspicious that she wanted us to look disappointed in her which was completely out of the ordinary. My family sits down purposely avoiding the pillows on the couch. You might ask why? We avoided them because she is insane. She thinks that if we even poke one of her striped, satin pillows it is ruined this means she has to get a new one. I wonder if I will turn out like her. I realized I kind of hoped so. My cousins are young, high-pitched girls but I love them. Even though my cute cousins are usually oblivious to everything they notice the lack of presents also. The thought that crosses my mind is, Is this actually the year she’s been talking about since her first time she did this? Is this the year she becomes normal and doesn’t buy us all of the presents? This thought breaks my heart, not because I won’t get presents but because this means my grandmother won’t have that moment focused on all of the thanks we have for her that is usually overlooked. A moment of silence goes by when it is broken by the loud “Bing” noise that goes off when the TV is turned on. All of us look over at my grandmother who is holding the remote with an expectant look in her eyes. “What are you doing?” My little cousin Kaleigh asks looking down at her shoes longingly. I just want everybody to see this photo that I just love. It goes completely silent anticipating what was going to appear on the screen. The photo shows up illuminating the screen. Blue overwhelms the setting of what was in front of me. A large, white boat was centered on the photo. It is a side view of the ship so you can see a large red, white, and blue fin coming out of the top of the many windowed vehicle. “Are we going on another cruise?” slips out of my sisters mouth. My grandmother smirks mischievously which I know means a yes and so does everyone else. I jump up and immediately hug my grandma in gratitude while I danced a little bit. Soon everyone joined me dancing and yelling with glee besides my two little cousins. They had never been on a cruise before and like I said they are oblivious. Eventually, after my Aunt and Uncle explained it to them they were dancing just as well as the rest of us. My grandparents just stood there gleaming at us. This is when it hit me. My whole entire family would be able to stay a whole entire week together on April break with no distractions! That’s all I could ever ask for. It no longer mattered that there was a free frozen yogurt machine or the fact that we could go snorkeling. It only mattered that all eleven of us would be in the same place at the same time. We are all rarely together all at once. This was the best Christmas ever. To add to the day my Uncle and Grandpa came down carrying piles of presents. This was only the cherry on top

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4 thoughts on “Insanely Amazing

  1. This was a good story Elizabeth. I liked the way you described your grandma. I hope she isn’t really that insane. 🙂

  2. I loved reading this story! You made it really funny and humorous and I’m sure your grandma is an awesome person!

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