Laser Tag, First Person Sport

BANG! I remembered the time I played Laser tag for my 11th birthday. After the rules, I saw a large arrangement of laser weapons and suits. The decision was hard, but I chose the rapid fire “scorpion”. With my suit on, I was assigned to the red team with my friends Cole and will. The green team was Peter and Connor. The battlefield was a run-down airport. The battle soon commenced and I was completely ready. I took a stealthy route to the green base while Cole and will fought them back. I thought, “1… 2…. 3!” I exclaimed,” Ding Dong!”

Taken by surprise, I assaulted the enemy team. Peter ran, but Connor fought back. Phase 2 of my hit and run strategy worked as I disappeared without a single trace. I stayed under a desk as I heard footsteps. Suddenly, Peter and Connor ran right past me! I decided this was my chance to escape or sneak from behind. My suit was on low health, so I ran for it. They noticed me, so time was on the essence. I was reassured by Cole defending me. We got back to the base and healed up.

As the battle went on, both teams took blow for blow, until everyone was on their last life. The scores were tied and both sides were evened out. We made the final charge. The room was swarming with lasers. Soon, it was just me and Peter. We pointed and fired. I heard a suit shut down. We won. Everyone cheered for me. I won the game for the team. I wrote this because, this is one of those parties I will always treasure for the rest of my life. It was also one of the last times I would see Cole before he moved to Indiana.

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3 thoughts on “Laser Tag, First Person Sport

  1. I really like the detail you used during the story and even though it was a really short I defintly enjoyed it

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