Long Live Klokla

I swung my backpack off and threw it on the ground as I entered the house coming home from school. I sprinted through the house and went out the door. To go see my sweet dog, Klokla.I was six years old and we got this big dog. And we named her Klokla. She was my favorite out of the five we had. She was a big white dog that was fluffy and she also kept you warm if you cuddled with her. And she was a very good dog because she would listen to what you say. My grandma said that she would never listen but she would listen to me. The sky was a nice light blue with white puffy clouds. With the sun shining down on us. The birds were singing and everyone was joyful and enjoying their day. So I was ready to go see my dog.

“I’ll be outside” I said to my grandma.

“Ok” she said back at me.

So I go play outside and in the backyard and go play. So I’m the only one out there so who do I play with? Well I play with my beautiful majestic dog Klokla. I had the most fun with her. She knew I was coming because of her senses sight, smell, and sound , she would jump up and wag her tail like crazy. I would not yell but laugh and talk to her. I would be outside all day and all the time. And if I ever had a bad day I would go outside and cuddle with her. If only she could come inside I would let her sleep with me on my bed. As the days go on and months past something went wrong. My dad, two brothers Matthew and Teddy and me go outside to see Klokla. I haven’t seen her in a while but I guess my dad did. Because he knew she was not good so she checked on her. Klokla would usually jump when she saw me but this time she just sat there with her rough pink tongue out.

I asked my dad “what’s wrong with Klokla? “

“She’s sick” he said

I tried to stay strong but I knew she could get better if I prayed to God. I go up to pet her and keep her company .

But my dad said “don’t touch her.”

And I backed away feeling bad for her. She had flys all over her. After we went inside to go eat and get ready for bed. And I was thinking to myself I hope she gets better. So the day was over and I went to bed. The next day I go to school praying,hoping Klokla will be alright. Then I come back home swinging my backpack off.

“Grandma I’m outside if you need me.”

I rushed outside the door to the backyard where she always is. But little did I know she died when I was at school and her body wasn’t there. They buried her after her death. So because I was little and I love singing I started to sing for her and cry in the middle of it. Before I came inside I wiped my tears so know one knew I was crying. Then when went inside the my house I asked my grandma “where’s Klokla?”

“In heaven” she said.

So I was so sad and my days were depressing. But my Klokla will always be with me in my heart.

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3 thoughts on “Long Live Klokla

  1. I feel you on this one. I have the exact same story with my pet chicken Luna. Search up the memoir “Death of The Farm” to see it. I’m really sorry you had to go through this too.

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