Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep

Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep . Prologue: Year of the Titanic.

“Stop the boat,” a man said.

“I can’t.”

“Brace yourself for impact,” another man said. “The glacier is right in front of us.”

The many tons of steel, hard work, and dreams rammed at full tilt into the giant glacier, crushing it. The boat’s first half was only debris, but the second half was slowly sinking.

“Did you see that?” a woman asked.

“See what?” the captain said.

“Three men were just eaten!” she exclaimed.

“And look at the glacier. It is like a mold for a giant alligator,” the captain said.

“Wow!” she shouted.

“But nothing to be concerned about. Sharks were probably the thing killing the meeeeNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then the giant beast consumed them both. The creature, once in the glacier, was out, and the monster of the sea was ready to take a dive.

Present Day

“Hey, my name is Finn, and let’s just say I messed up big time. I opened a trapped monster’s prison, and it had a call that made every monster come to the same place. I know, ‘What are the odds?’ Me and my friends, Philip and Darrel, are on a mission to relocate and/or capture all the monsters. The only thing holding us back are the four main monsters. The monsters of earth, wind, fire, and water. We only took the monster of earth down, but I think this one is going to send us off the deep end.”

“Are you holding it right?” Philip said.

“I don’t know. What do you think?” said Finn.

“It might be the tail.”

“I thinks it is the head.”

A gross dark green guacamole like substance came out of the beast, and it flung from Finn’s grasp and started to burrow. Finn flung himself down the hole and grabbed its tail again. The beast started to pull him down the hole more and more. Philip grabbed Finn’s feet and pulled them both out. He then took the beast into his arms and threw it into a cage.

“Want some chips for that guacamole,” Philip said sarcastically.

“Shut up, Philip,” Finn replied.

“Well that is it. Let’s get him back to base, and you should probably take a shower.”

“ Fine.”

“Hey just saying at least i’ts not worse.”

Then another lump of the substance shot out of the cage onto Finn.

“Who wants mexican?”

“Shut up Philip!”

Finn and Philip drove back to base with the pigworm named Guacamole.Philip walked up to a man with black hair, shoes, shirts, pants, glasses, and everything else.

“We got it,” said Philip.

“Great,” replied Darrel. “I finally got the generator ready so we can send the sonic transmitter out over the whole world and bring all the monsters into my portal so they can live in a parallel universe.”

“Dude, chill,” Philip said.

Finn walked in with his brown wet hair and a torn shirt. He had brown eyes and shorts on, nothing else would do in Finn’s mind. He reasons that the extra weight of pants would slow him down,but truthfully he likes a little air on his legs.

“So did you get behind your ears?,” Philip questioned.

“Shut up, Philip,” said Finn.

“Did you?” asked Darrel.

“Yesss,” Finn stated losing patience with his team.

“So, Darrel made the generator work,” Philip said.

“Have you tested it yet, Darrel?” Finn inquired.

“No,” Darrel said.

Darrel grabbed a wrench and twisted a bolt. He then pulled a lever. A purple and red portal appeared.

“You did it,” Philip said.

“ Yes and no,” Darrel stated.

“What?” Finn said.

“Well, I made it so things can only go into our world, but things can’t get back to their world,” Darrel confessed.

“So,” Finn began trying to keep his cool, “you’re telling me the portal only works one way.”

A ghost-like figure went into the lights and then sparks flew. The power went out, and the portal was the only light. Shadows of figures ran, flew, and inched out. When the lights turned on, the portal closed, and the room was a mess with all of the creatures gone.

“Finn, if you say anything, you’re grounded,” Darrel said. “ And Philip I will make you clean that worm’s digested food for the rest of the year.”

“You mean, I’m on pooper scooper duty,” said Philip.

“Go get the mop and start scrubbing,” said Darrel.

“Hey, Philip,” called Finn.

“Yeah,” Philip said.

“Seems we are having mexican tonight.”

Philip walked out of the room with one arm strangling the mop, and the other arm clutching a broom behind him, hitting everything and dragging the trash with him.

“Finn,” Darrel said

“Yeah,” said Finn

“I think you should know this. You know how your parents died in a car crash.”


“Well that was a lie,” Darrel confessed.

“What?” Finn questioned.

“Your dad and I were monster hunters for the FBI. The very monster you tried to catch was called the trojan.”

“The one I let loose,” Finn confirmed.

“Yeah, your dad and I were trying to find it one day. It was late at night, and we were both growing tired. I don’t know why, but I let my guard down.”

“Then what?” Finn said, egging him on.

“The beast jumped your dad, and he took a bite to the arm/neck area. That scream. That scream of pain, it haunts me.” Darrel’s face looked tortured.

“Where is my dad?”

“He died after the bite. It broke every bone. The crunch. That sound and vibration of the bite shattered them all.”

“My mom. What happened to her?” Finn asked.

“She killed herself after the funeral and by default you were given to me, ” Darrel sobbed.

“Back to my dad again,” Finn kept a brave face.

“It was the worst death. No man should go through that. Watching it do the final blow and ripping his whole body. I shot at it, but it was like I could do nothing. Like it made me miss with its mind. We had a funeral for him, and she just couldn’t take it. The only thing I have left to say is that if that happens to you just like your dad, I will lose it,” Darrel whispered.

“Oh,” Finn said trying to process this devastating news.

“Leave. No hunting for the rest of the day,” Darrel warned, suddenly more like a dad than a friend.

“But the tracker. There is a monster in Antarctica,” Finn protested.

“There will always be another monster. I don’t care if it is the trojan. No more hunting until the portal is up and running.”


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2 thoughts on “Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep

  1. Veryveryveryvery abrupt. How did he open the prison? Who really is he? You should try easing into the rising action.

  2. I do agree with Jacob in that it is abrupt and rushed at times along with some un clear aspects, although I really think the creativity is very cool. I personally would not be able to come up with that type of interesting sci-fi plot. I also enjoyed some of the mystery and the revealing of the fathers death. There were some flaws and some revising could be done, but I really enjoyed the idea of what was happening in the story.

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