Moving to my new house


“Were leaving”, I heard my dad saying the distance to me.moving to our new house, that is in Connecticut. I was really sad that was going to move because I was going to misses all of my friends and teachers that really liked me. My dad started the car while I just stood there with my mouth wide open. I slowly walked to the car stalling my dad and brother so we did not have leave. It did not work so what I finally did is walk to the car . We took off to get to the highway.

It was about 3:00 in the morning when we reached South Carolina, my dad started hearing a weird noise. My dad decided that he should pull over and see what is wrong with the car to see if the car was fit to drive. ”I asked my dad why we pulled over to the side of the highway” my dad told me that it was because he heard a weird noise. My dad decided to call the police to come help us because the tow truck service is closed and if we waited till the morning then who knows what would happen. Minutes later, the police man arrived. The police man asked “what is wrong?’’ We explain our story and then the police man took out his bold yellow colored light and checked the whole entire car. The police man finally came to a conclusion, his conclusion was that the car was unfit to drive in or to keep traveling. The policeman said to us “ grab your bags and get into the back seats”. when i was told to get in the back seats of the police car I got a chill down my spinal cord. Also started shaking inside because i was The next day we woke up and went down stairs back to the lobby that was as cold as the night when we arrived there. Just to stay overnight because we had nowhere else to go. We checked out of the hotel, that only took like a couple seconds. We walked out the door and up a steep hill and when we got up to the top of the hill is where all the stores were. luckily, We found a place to eat it was called “ihop”. When we got to the door the door felt cold, it was as cold as ice. when we got into the place it was as empty as a empty milk carton. we got out of the place it took like forever. and we went to a car rental shop.

When we arrived to the car rental store, there was this guy bombarding us to take a car that we did not want. My dad said to him that that red car that looked exactly like the old one was the one that he wanted. We rented the car and asked the rental shop worker where was the closes highway? The closes highway is right down the street to the left. We finally got back on the highway and continued to our destination that was only 2 hours away from where we were when the car started making weird noises. So what I did to pass the time was to say “ Are we there yet” ?, every five minutes to see if that would pass the time, but it did not. So my dad got annoyed and tried to say kindly to not get upset.

When I saw the sign that I was in Connecticut I got kind of excited because this was going to be our new home. I am now happy that I live in Connecticut because I have lots of friends and family that love me. now that I lived here for a while i made some friends and learned to like the teachers that I had.afraid that something bad just happened in front of my eyes.

We arrived at a hotel. When we got out of the car and thanked the police man. We walked into the hotel. The hotel was as cold as if it was a cold winter night. But winter being inside not outside. When we got to the front desk we asked for a room and the lady said do you a reservations? “no we do not!” The reason why we are here is because our car was making weird noises and we were on the side of the road and we called the police to come and help us. There was no tow truck service open. The police was really nice to take us to a hotel.

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