My first Fight

One summer when I was 11 years old my parent’s friends invited us to long island where they had rented a house by the beach for the summer.  My parent’s friends had three children that were all boys and the oldest and youngest were both bullies and would bully the middle child.  They didn’t bully like normal siblings would they didn’t care for him at all, that made them very unlikeable and they had a bad relationship with us to.

  I was woken up at five in the morning getting told to “wake up” and “get some clothing on” by my mother.  It was pitch black outside and my room was dark from the one light on the ceiling being the only light turned on.  I had to through on some clothing quickly and ran downstairs where my mother was loading bags of clothing in to the car, obviously the first thing me and my siblings think to get is a charger for are iPods since that was what kids really cared about at that time. 

When the car is finally loaded we hop in and take off we drive for a while until we get to Bridgeport. Outside the car I see brick walls with spray paint designs on them and apartment buildings with old structures.  We drove to a gate and went through it led to a boat yard where they were loading a ferry to bring us across long island sound.

When we were loaded on the boat we waited until the people managing it closed the get and let us get out.  When we got out we headed to the upper deck up a flight of white metal stairs to a cafeteria where we take a booth and get breakfast.  For about an hour we stay in the cafeteria until we finally hear the horn and head back to our car where they unload us on to the dock. 

After much traffic we finally reach the house were are friends are staying.  We stay thee going to the beach each day and enjoy except for the parts where the oldest bullies us while we play with the middle child.  One day while were at the beach I see the oldest holding his younger brother under the water.  I think to myself that if this continues on I’ll have to do something since none of the adults see this.   After another minute of watching him hold his brother under I go over there and punch him right on the neck while he holds his brother under.  He turns around and yells something at me and then he punches me in the side of my head and I fall over. I stagger back up and dodge a punch from him while my mom comes over to break up the fight.

In the end I don’t regret anything because after they heard my side of the story and my siblings and the younger brother as witnesses they were okay with what I did.  We went home later to avoid conflict.  So I think that you should do what you think is right if you can

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