My Not So Amazing Adventure

There I was walking in the jammed packed streets of New York City with my family . All I can hear are cars honking their horns at other cars and people. As my family and I were walking I started to go ahead and befor I know it I hear mom telling me to stay near her because she didn’t want me to get lost. I hate when my mom tells me what to do I thought to myself. In the distance we spotted an empty bench so we quickly walked over to it and sat down. While we were sitting we were talking about where we should go next. As my family is doing that I realized huge fountain and I wanted to get a closer look at it. Without anyone in my family seeing me I stand up and slowly walk away. The fountain was about fifty feet away so I ran to it. When I got there and saw that it looked just like any other fountain that have seen I walked back to the bench where I left my family sitting.

When I got back to the bench it was empty no one was sitting on it. Thats unfortunate I thought to myself. At first i started to panic, but then I was thinking that my family would come back for me when they realized I was not with them. I was just standing next to the bench waiting for my family to come back. Then about ten minutes have passed and still not one sign of my family. I was just now starting to realized was I was in for if I didn’t find my family soon.

Without warning I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around hoping to see my family. But when I turn around I see a stranger. And now I am freaking out I thought she was going to take me. “ Do you need help?” the stranger asked. I thought for a second and then decided to let her help me because she looked trustworthy.

“ Yes I do” I replied back to her. So she started to help me. As we were walking around she was asking all kind of questions, I answered them but I was mostly focused on finding my parents. After half an hour of walking around me and my mom spot each other> My mom came ver to us and thanked the women for keeping me safe while I was missing. I was happy to be safe with my family again. I realized that was not as amazing as I thought it would be. I also realized that you should listen to your parents when they tell you something or else something bad may happen to you ,and you will regret it.

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