My trip to Florida

“Are we there yet!” We had been driving for 22 hours, and I was thinking about having to experience the long boring ride back to home. I was hot and uncomfortable. As we arrived, I remember, all my of  hatred instantly fades. I see my family, we eat, sleep, and everything is a blur. We play games such as poker, it was very late and with yawns as big as dinosaurs but we still played, laughed, and had fun. I always got lucky with ace’s and therefore I would win all the time with a $1 paycheck from everyone playing. Sometimes more than 15 people play. I realized how many toys it could buy. That always made everything 3x better.  But the party had not ended yet, pool time! Quickly, I change into my swimming clothes and do a cannonball into the pool. Seconds later my other family members jump in making a splash much bigger than mine. The water was really warm from the warm summer sun. My uncle thought of the idea for me to get on his back and he launches me as far as he can. My mom even managed to take some pictures of me with my eyes shut closed flying through the air.I finally go to bed with another smile on my face and sleep like a rock. Then I couldn’t believe that the saddest day of the trip has come, when we leave. Everything is just sad, no more money to win and sad hugs. In the car, we drive home and I look back wondering why I was so annoyed coming here. I also worried if it was going to be a long time before we come here again. I I wouldn’t want that car ride to be one of my last memories. I never want to make that mistake again, not being patient and hopeful. It is not good to get mad at the long ride because it does profit in the end.

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1 thought on “My trip to Florida

  1. I liked your story, it sounds like you really remember what happened. It also sounds really fun and I can relate to those long car rides. You should include how much money you won in pokér. (I had to spell it like that because the website says it’s inappropriate.)

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