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The Wrong Recipient (Shortened Version)

It was 11 o’clock when the phone rang. George was leaving for work when he heard it. Chimes. A peaceful, serene sound. His wife, Rosetta, had selected the uplifting ringtone, but never imagined the pain it would bring. “Dead.” The message was sudden and tragic. The memory of the events that followed seemed like a … Continue reading The Wrong Recipient (Shortened Version)

Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep

Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep . Prologue: Year of the Titanic. “Stop the boat,” a man said. “I can’t.” “Brace yourself for impact,” another man said. “The glacier is right in front of us.” The many tons of steel, hard work, and dreams rammed at full tilt into the giant glacier, crushing it. The … Continue reading Monsters Resurrected 2: Into The Deep

Bright Lights

The rhythmic wails coming from Calvin’s mouth rocks him as he slowly leans back and forth as his own emotions consume him. His once lively bright green eyes now showed nothing but despair and utter sadness. His short curls swept to the side of his face, each curl drenched in sweat. The left side of … Continue reading Bright Lights

Too Many Bills

Jarvis Jones grew up in south side Chicago with his mother who was stressed out.  She had many bills that had to be payed, but not enough money to pay them. “What’s for dinner,” Jarvis called from his bedroom. “Not right now,” his mother replied her hands filled with bills. Jarvis put his head down … Continue reading Too Many Bills

Brother Blind

  “No more kids!” was the first thing Robert Filler heard his father say the day his brother, Samuel, came home. “No more I say!” his father, Jeremy Filler shouted, shoving Robert’s mother out the door, and snatching a bawling Samuel out of her arms. “I’m taking this one back to the orphanage where it … Continue reading Brother Blind

Conquering My Fear

Why was I scared of rollercoasters? I don’t know. I’d always thought it was a combination of a fear of heights and my hate for butterflies in my stomach. Anyways, I’d never tried to conquer it, not until today…   I was still a little damp, but I changed quickly and ran out of the … Continue reading Conquering My Fear