Puerto Rico

“Squeak!” the wheels touched the ground roughly . We arrived at the airport in Puerto Rico. While we were waiting to get off the plane all I could see was pointy mountains and white clouds. We hopped excitedly off the plane and a taxi driver held up a sign with our names on it. The taxi driver put our luggage in the trunk and drove us to our resort. While in the humid car, the nice man gave us water because it was so hot and muggy. We pulled up in front of the Rio Mar Beach Resort. “Have a nice day!” the taxi driver said while pulling our luggage out of the trunk. Everyone we met in Puerto Rico was very friendly.

Mom was checking in while I was admiring the marble statues and fountains around the lobby. We took the elevator up to the room and it was a fancy suite. After we unpacked our bags, we went down to the pool. I couldn’t believe that when we went to the pool, it was under maintenance. I was especially disappointed because the pool had a fun looking water slide. So we went swimming at the beach instead. There were massive waves, as tall as a monster truck because there was stormy weather. Mom was concerned because the flag was red. That means that the riptide was very strong, so we didn’t stay in the water for too long. That night we had pizza for dinner and I tried the chicken Caesar salad at a place called the Tiki Hut.

If you like adventure, like my mom and I, Puerto Rico has a lot of fun activities in the rainforest: hiking, ziplining, tubing. The next day we went ziplining in the rainforest. We could hear the calls of the coqui frog throughout the rainforest. I met a very nice man who instructed us on the ziplines. The zipline went across a river and it started to rain at the end. We also went tubing down the river. It was pouring rain and my mom fell out of the tube.

We also visited Old San Juan and toured an old fortress. We bought artwork from a local artist. We also went kayaking at night through mangroves to a bioluminescent bay. Old San Juan was the last adventure on our trip.

It was very special because it brought my mom and I closer together and it was very fun. I will never forget the look on Mom’s face when she fell in the river. This is a memory that we still laugh about. This trip was adventurous because of ziplining in the rainforest, swimming at the beach, and driving to Old San Juan.

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