Snowboarding in Vermont

We packed all our skis and snowboards into the back of my dads jeep. It was around 5am and my dad was taking me and my brothers to Vermont for the first time. It was about a three hour car ride and we would arrive around noon.

When we got to the resort we wasted no time getting our tickets. Then we went straight to the lounge and put on all our gear. After we got ready we went to the Blue Bird ski lift. The line was long but went by quickly. The lift shot us straight up the mountain. As we neared the top of the mountain we got ready to hop off the lift into the fluffy white snow. The view from the top of the mountain was amazing and you can see other snow covered mountains in the distance.

We first went down the trail slowly and then started to go faster speeding down the mountain. Later my brother Jacob went to a skiing lesson so my dad, my brother and I decided to go down some harder trails. We first had a race to see who was the fastest. We went full speed down the mountain, dodging people and occasionally tumbling on the ground. My brother won the race and would not stop bragging. Then we went down a few blue trails and flew down the moguls. Later during the day we got my brother Jacob and spent the rest of our time going down all the rest of the trails. My favorite trail was the green going under the Blue Bird lift.

Time flew by fast that day and before you knew it, it was already getting dark. We gathered up all our gear and supplies and put them into the jeep. We stayed the night at a shady “roach motel”. Inside our room there were two beds and in them were random pieces of hair and nails coming out of the walls.

Even though our trip has ended, it was nice to spend time with family and i hope to do it again next year.

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