Swimming Lesson

Who do I have to put this on?” I questioned as I was putting on a bathing suit.

“Its a surprise,” my mom answered.

Me and my family are living in Arizona. It was over 100 degrees and we needed to cool off. My mom said we were going to something called a pool but i’m not positive of what that is. Me and my family all got in our car and drove up to the park were this so called pool is. We got out of the car and grabbed some towels and some icky stuff that said sun screen on the front. We walked past the park to a gate that said public pool above it. My mom opened the gate and all that was there was some chairs and a giant area filled with water.

“Thats the pool,” my mom said pointing toward the large area with water.

“But before you go in there I have to put this on you,” she said as she pulled out the icky sun screen.

She reached for me but i started running away. I didn’t want that smelly stuff to touch me. I hid behind a bush but my dad found me and told me to get out from there. My mom put the suntan lotion on me. It felt icky but i still let he put in on. After that i heard a big splash as my dad jumped in the pool.

“Ok Ryan now you jump in,” he said.

I wouldn’t though.

I was scared of that water. So scared that I started to run away. That was until I ran into my sister

“Ow,” she said

She pushed me lightly but I then fell into the pool. I started struggling until my dad grabbed me and then released. It was then that i was floating in the pool.

“Swim Ryan,” I heard my mom say but i had no idea what she was talking about.

I got out of the pool and we went home. My mom explained how to swim on the way back and it sounded pretty cool. We went back the next day and i tried to swim. It took a lot of attempts but i finally figured it out. It was amazing. I totally loved it. That day i learned something, never be afraid to try something new and even if you are you alway have your big sister to help you.

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