The Accident

Warning the text below contains graphic text reader discretion is advised

Screech. I hear the squeaky bus brakes as the bus comes to a stop. The doors fling open as I give a fist bump to my bus driver Fernando. I sprint down my driveway excited to go to my friend’s house   I ran in to my house throwing my backpack on the floor and go to my room. I start packing for the epic sleepover we were going to have. Sadly my brother had to come along because of his brother.

I Soon her my friends pull up and i am out there before they even get down the driveway. We get in and are on are way having the usual conversations when we arrive my brother is greeted by his brother and go inside. me and my friend go around back to the back yard  to go on the trampoline  to do cool  tricks like backflips and that stuff  soon they came out  and ruined the fun there were too many people on the tramilean to do cool tricks  so we were just jumping then at the same time  my friend and my brother fell at the same time  I was laughing at both   of them  then my friend pushed me in midair and I landed on top of my brother  soon I felt  an excruciatingly painful feeling on my mouth I quickly ran to the swings covering my mouth holding back tears soon my friend realized that I was not there he soon found me on the swings he had asked if I was alright and when I went to respond nothing but blood came out my friend jumping back in shock. We soon hear my brother scream as he realizes that he is also bleeding on his head . We are soon  rushed inside where we are meet  my friends mom and dad surprised as what a mess we got ourselves into  into . I was washing out my mouth when I over heard his dad telling my brother that he had a pretty good gash in his head. soon we were in the doctors jack (my brother) was getting staples when my friends family pulled in with my tooth , they gave it to my dad then he approached me then shoved back in to my gum  the pain was 10 x as bad before . Then I was driven to doctor murphy’s he numbed the tooth then “glued it back in “. That day was a day I had never forget.

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