The Comeback

“let’s get the puck up the board for the hanger guys and get the puck in the net” my coach pulls me over and says “look at the 6 by 4 frame work you need to focus on getting the puck in that area”.

The score was 2-0 at the end of the second period. I got to center a new line. We started the beginning of the 3rd period and I knew I was not going to lose to this team. I got the puck at the blue line and dumped it in the offensive zone, it got to my friend Nate. I was using my body for my advantage while I was battling for position. The biscuit sped through the legs of everyone and reaching me, Snap shot save, all the pressure of the team on the my shoulders, the 7 inch volcanized rubber circle had to go through the 8 inch entrance under the Bauer stick.

I lift the weight off my shoulder. Still 2-1 while I’m on the bench we score another goal, 2-2. I hear the cutting of the ice and the snow plow off the metal blades. The fast paced game gets even faster as there has been a few big hits, we are thrown off of our game.

The rock has been ringing off the pipes and it has not changed a bit. I got the puck in my zone and skate it up and in the triangle, pass it to my friend Van loan and he shoots, it goes off his pads I get the puck and shoot it above his pads, the barn goes crazy. That’s when it clicked for my team. That was one of the very important times of my life because that was the first time we collaborated as a team.

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3 thoughts on “The Comeback

  1. I think that there could have been more description and setting of the moment but l liked the suspense and the feelings that were portrayed

  2. I liked they way you described the winning goal. I also liked how you said it was the first time you and your team collaborated as a team.

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