The Dare


“Hey wutsup?”

“It’s a snow day, wanna come sledding with me and Hanz?”

“Haha yea lets do it.”

Click! I set the phone down after my conversation with Peirce early in the morning while it was still dark out.

When I got to Peirces house I went straight to the basement to find him beating his sisters’ high score in mario cart wii. As soon as our other friends showed up we all started getting our snow stuff on. We got the final buckles on our boots and jumped into the snow. It was rock hard. The trees around us were drooping down because of all the heavy snow stuck to the bare branches. We made our way to the top of the hill not knowing when we would crush through the snow.

When Andrew, Peirce, Rob, and I got to the top of the drop in we dared eachother to go first. Finally everyone dared me to go. They pushed me off and I slid smoothly down the slope. I started picking up speed quickly and was beginning to get nervous. The open field started to narrow down into the woods. The rickety plastic sled was flying down the slope and I entered the woods. I barely cleared the first tree and wack! My sled slammed into the next tree and I went flying out of cracked piece of junk. I landed with a thud on the frozen snow. The pain instantly shot to the back of my leg where I had landed. I didn’t see why I agreed to that dare in the first place. Up ontop of the hill I could see my friends falling over they were laughing so hard. An embarrassing grin formed on my face when I saw the scene. I returned to the top of the hill to watch them try to make it through the woods on our remaining two sleds.

After the wild day had come to an end I walked home and saw my brothers going down the hill and over a jump. As soon as I got close enough to talk to them my brother dared me to do it going backwards. I laughed and said.

“I’m not falling for any more dares!”

Then walked up to my house.

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