The Day I Lost My Tooth

“Matt!” my mom screamed, but I completely ignored her. Today was the day I lost my tooth, I was a very little person In the world and i was just getting to know a lot of things. My dad was at work and my mom was going to a dinner party. She called a baby sitter and she arrived very quickly, being that she lived across the street. My mom walks down stairs and said, “

alright kids i’m leaving be good” we all said goodbye and the babysitter Katie was really mean, she didn’t really watch us at all. She just sat in the kitchen watching T.V. while we went crazy. But tonight was the night that the new episode of SpongeBob, but It was the new episode of iCarly. I was mad and if he wanted to watch his show he had to get through me, i challenged him to a “Remote Off” A remote off is where one person wants to watch something but the other doesn’t. I was winning but my brother had a little bit of hope in him and he got up and pushed me into the the chair. My tooth popped out, and everything went silent. All of sudden my brother bursted out in tears as I pushed him down for the remote. I won the Remote Off, the tooth didn’t hurt when it came out. I just got a napkin and put it in my mouth. Katie just stayed up stairs, i felt bad so I let my brother watch his show.

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