The Day With Grandma

The wonderful tasty juices of the burger I just dug my teeth into exploded with flavor on my tongue, the crunch of flavorful pickles echoed in my mouth. “JAKE WAKE UP” its 10:00”huh whaat” bang! “Ow” I tried to get up after I just whacked my head against the wood post holding up my bunk bed. “Why’d you wake me up so early”? “Never mind that come on I have to tell you something. It was just me and my grandma because my mom and dad were at the hospital. I had a great feeling my new sister was going to honor me like I was a king, because that what my friend says his sister does. “Jake come down stairs I don’t want to tell you again. “ What” I called to my grandma as I sprinted downstairs. “Jake do you want to go to McDonalds”. “But aren’t we going to visit my sister right now”. “Sorry Jake we can’t see he till 12:00”. “But can go to McDonalds if you want” Yes I shouted especially after that great burger dream I had”. “What?” Never mind” I said. Ok let’s go. We got into the car about 5 minutes later we passed by the Wawa it was like a landmark for me, because it is about a mile down was the plaza and it has every kind of store in it.

We pulled up into the plaza then took a left into McDonalds. As soon as got out I remembered this is the best McDonalds in the world because it has a playground attached to it. I jumped out of the car and ran into the building, and then suddenly I stopped the cold air spilled out of the vent and on my body. I forgot how hot it was until I felt the frigid air on my skin. A second later my grandma stepped inside and asked me what I wanted I answered by saying “A hamburger fries and 1 milkshake please”. Ok I will be out with brunch shortly. I walked outside to the jungle jim it was enormous. I ran to the ladder and grabbed on but then I regretted it because the steaming hot metal burned my skin. “Ow” I said aloud. After 5 minutes of trying to find a way to get on to the top without burning I grandma came out. I ran over to her but I noticed she was on the phone so I just took my lunch and sat down next to her and began eating. The burger tasted exactly like the one I had in my dream, delicious. After I was finished she got off the phone. “Jake you won’t believe it your sister came out early” “OMG……..really I can’t believe it lets go see her”. “Indeed we shall” my grandma responded I raced to her car and swung open the door jumped in and buckled

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  1. Great story Jake I really liked it, when you said I think she will treat you like a king I laughed pretty hard. Does she treat you as a king?

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