The Dentist’s Office

“Mom, I don’t want to go!” I said in the car.


I was eight. I had to get two teeth pulled. I was freaking out.


“But you have to.”


We went to the lady at the desk she checked us in and told me to wait in the chair.


I waited for her to call me my legs shaking vigorously.She called my name and we went into


a doctors office. I climbed into the huge seat.Stretching my legs I can barely cover half of


the gigantic seat.I am so scared I rock the seat.The doctor walked in and he tried to yank it


out.I throw back my head because of the pain.


Eventually I had to have 10 people because of me refusing to go through the


pain.My mom was told to wait outside,probably because it was going to get bad.They tried


to knock me out with a gas mask.It didn’t work.Sence it didn’t work they had to yank the


teeth out of my jaw.After each one it hurt like the sun to your eyes.


Now you probably think that they won since they got my teeth out,right?Well when


they walked out of his office each one of them had scratches and bruises,some were even


bleeding!After that I got a lightsaber and from my dad I got Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini

Mayhem so after I got those things I was okay.

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7 thoughts on “The Dentist’s Office

  1. In the beginning you pulled me into the story but it could of been longer. The beginning pulled me in because the suspense seemed like it was really intense. And in the end I was kind of still hanging though.

  2. I can picture you beating up all 10 of those dentists. I still don’t understand if they even got the tooth out of you. Good story though:)

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