The Hectic Visit

Woof woof! My collie barked as I clipped his leash on his electric blue collar. We began down the newly paved road.
“Be safe! Come back soon. Grammy is cooking dinner, and it will get dark, too.” Aunt Steph called to us from the front porch of my Grandmother house. Our whole family was visiting, it was Aunt Jen’s birthday.
“We will mom, plus we are only walking to the end of the street.” Katie, my cousin reassured her. Come on! The end of the street is barely a walk. We started to walk again, and with the help of my dog rushing all four of us down the concrete sidewalk we were there in what seemed was the blink of an eye. I hoped they wouldn’t remember the promise we had made.
“Let’s head back. We said that we’d only go here.” my brother Donald said. With that, we turned around and strolled in the direction of my grandmother house. My dog proudly lead the way as we passed the perfectly manicured lawns of the many mcmansions. When we finally reached the house, Aunt Steph was waiting in the doorway. I was not surprised by this. She has always been a worrier.
We entered the house to the delightful smell of lasagna cooking the oven. It was warm and cozy, unlike the air of the chilly night. All of us sat down on the cushy, green couch to watch some TV before dinner was ready. Katie began to flip through channels, neither me or my brothers knew how to work the remote. After a couple of minutes of fighting over what to watch, we landed on something we could all enjoy, The Prisoner of Azkaban. This was the movie we had long before decided was our favorite of all the Harry Potter movies. I was so absorbed in the movie that I guess I didn’t notice my cousin get up and leave the room.
“This is my favorite part Ka-” I stopped talking. Katie was no longer sitting next to me. Was she in the bathroom? No, I could see that the door was open for here. Where could she possibly be.
Out of confusion, I stood up and began to look for her. I thoroughly searched the whole downstairs. With no luck, I climbed the soft, carpeted stairs. She’s probably hiding up here, I thought. But i confirmed that wasn’t true when she was no where to be found. I got goosebumps thinking about where she could be. I rushed down the stairs to the neat and pristine kitchen, where I found my mom.
“Mom! I can’t find Katie! I looked everywhere. Even in all the closets. Shes not watching TV with us, either!” I told her breathlessly.
Instead of replying, my mom just yelled, “Steph!” I walked out of the room, but I assume my mom explained to situation to her. Soon enough, everyone knows that we can’t find Katie. We all ran around the house calling for a 14 year old girl. No one had any clue where she could be. None of us admitted it, but we all knew that she wasn’t hiding from us and that she wasn’t in the house.
Both Aunt Steph and my Grandmother wanted to call the police. But Aunt Jen though they crazy. To ensure they did not get to the phone, she rushed and snachted it.
“You know how stupid you’ll sound if you call to report a 14 year old girl missing in this neighborhood!? Besides shes only been gone for five minutes,” Aunt Jen shouted. Now that I thought of it, my grandparents did live in a community for elderly people. And they only way to get in is to have a special code or to call one of the houses and have them open the gate. Still, she could be anywhere.
Finally, her dad , or as I call Uncle Tim decided to get in the car and go look for her outside. We all hoped he would come back with her. Everyone in the house continued to look in the house.When my uncle pulled in the driveway we watch very carefully to see if he brought my cousin back. Uncle Tim emerged from the drivers seat, and out of the drivers seat was Katie!

Her mom was the first to speak. “What were doing doing out there? We were scared to death!”
Then Katie replied,”I was looking for my necklace. I definitely told dad, but i guess he didn’t hear me. I didn’t find it.” I was glad she was safe, but her mom seemed mad. We all knew that was because she cared about her.
After dinner, we went outside and found the necklace. It was in my grandmothers front yard, about 10 feet away from the door. The moral of the story is to always tell someone where you are going or there will jump to conclusions on where you might be.

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