“ Were moving” my mother said as my eyes welled up with tears that I refused to let go. “no!” I yelled. Over the past six years I had grown up in this house and I had grown so emotionally attached to it that I couldn’t bear to leave. It was (from the present day) maybe 5 or six years ago and this house was all my memories. I moved there when I was 4 and left when I was 9. It was my fifth birthday and I was all excited and that was when the bonding with the house began. with my little and creative five year old imagination and 4 acres of woodlands and mountains behind my house I ventured off into the woods. it only took me a day to realize that this house was amazing and full of adventure (says the five year old me) every morning I would wake up and head off into the woods. there was a smaller entrance that led to the mouth of the woodlands and once you entered you would want to explore. As long as it was daylight i was in the woods exploring every inch and finding some very interesting stuff.  once you have entered there was a slope as steep as a sledding hill that went up for at least a half a mile and once i reached the top my entire property was visible. I would often times sit up there for even 45 minutes at a time doing nothing but enjoying every thing around me. if you continued farther up there was an abandoned hunting post that (to a younger person) seemed like hundreds of feet up in the air. many animals past it so i decided to set up a watch station. it had binoculars and a tarp over the top.

when my mother told me that we were moving I realized I would have to leave everything, and never come back. I was so upset. it took me time to start to think positively again. I thought “hey maybe the new house wouldn’t be so bad” but in the back of my head I knew that nothing could be better than the last house. and I was right. our new house was smaller and had less property and no woodlands. this event is what really got rid of my childhood. and sometimes I still think my childhood is with that house. from that point on I was a different person. I no longer had an imagination. I no longer cared to watch animals Rome. I no longer had a sense of adventure. this changed my life. and would never be reversed


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