The Nose Incident

“THUMP!” Footsteps. My sister stalking towards me, an evil smile on her face, a mischievous gleam in her eye. A cloud of doom was hovering over me.

Her stance reminded me of all the other times we would wrestle each other. Being six, I wanted to be stronger than my ten year old sister. She beat me in anything, anywhere. They were friendly competitions, we never intentionally hit one another, but in the basement, I knew something bad was going to happen, but I had no idea how to avoid it.

I was, though, avoiding my sister. I backed away, sure she was planning something; it was evident on her face. Suddenly, Lindsay lunged at me, knocking me down and pinning me to the diamond patterned carpet. “Ha!” she yelled. I went rigid with fearful anticipation, and my sister’s joking grin grew as she started to tickle me. I shrieked and laughed, begging for her to spare me from this torture as she showed me no mercy. Limbs flailing, I kicked and thrashed, trying to escape this terrible tickling torment. That was when I realized that LIndsay’s face was in the danger zone of my fatal flailing feet, but I no longer had control of my reflexes, so I could only watch this impending catastrophe as my foot flew towards Lindsay’s perfectly straight nose. I let out inhuman shrieks, trying to warn her. but I was unable to form eligible words. My heel connected, and I felt a tiny crunch, a shift, beneath my foot. Instantly, Lindsay sat up straight, hands cupping her nose, a surprised look on her face. Making a split second decision, I raced upstairs to find my parents. “SORRY!” I yelled as I almost tripped on the fifth step.

When I told them what had happened, my mom and dad hurried downstairs to assist my sister. When they came back up, my mother gently took my arm and sat me down. “Be more careful next time,” she warned me. I was lightly reprimanded by my dad, but got off easy because it had been an accident. But even though it had been an accident, I thought about her now barely noticeable just-slightly, crooked nose, I felt guilty.

Finally, to relieve myself of that guilt, I wrote my sister an apology note, and slipped it under her bedroom door. I promised myself to try to avoid situations like that. Now past that incident, Lindsay and I resumed our sisterly relationship.

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