The Paintball Incident

“Daaaaaaad when will get there. It felt like we’ve been in the car foooorever,” I whined.

“Hold on will be there fifteen minute ” Dad said. I listenong to hip hop on my iPod. Then I look out the window and see the car get off the exit to a small town. Then we took a right onto a dirt path. I can feel the vibration when we hit the gravely. I look out the window and see battles all around. I can hear thousands of pressured shots.* I get out the car and run the man the money. The man hand me and my dad some old rental paintball gun called a marker.

“Then he gave a bag of 200 hundred paintballs.”When will we be able to play?”

I demanded. Suddenly a man can out of shed and yelled “if you’re read to play come over here if you’re ready to play come over here” then I ran to the starting point for my team. Then the over team get their position. Suddenly a whistle blew. I sprinted to the best cover. Pew pew pew went paintball gun 3 shot went for me instantly for me. I can feel peace of the sharp paintball shell ricochet off blue barrel. then I pop my head to try and find the other opponent. but I could barely see in these foggy mask. Then I wipe the fog out off my mask. Suddenly right in front of me was some smoke under the leaves. I quickly toss the leaves away. Until I realize that it was a paint grenade!

Then I quickly try to run to a new cover. As soon I got out over cover. Splat! I got hit in the head then tripped over a root. Still in the unsafe zone of the paint grenade. Blast! The paint p grenade went off. The bright red paint sprayed all over me.

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