The Phone Call

I quickly walk up to the phone feeling the eyes following me all the way across the room. I tensely pick up the dangling black phone and slowly put it up to my ear. “Hello?” I say with a shaky voice…

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

“Hi Angela!” I sigh with relief as I listen to my dad say, “I have great news! Your mom’s water broke this morning she is heading to Norwalk Hospital right now!” I stand in silence stunned at the news, as the rest of the class chatters about the assignment. Then I say suddenly breaking the sound barrier, “Yippee! Are you going to pick me up soon?” “Maybe.” he said. “Now get back to work!” he says shortly after. I hang up the phone and walk to my table with a prance in my step. My table surrounds me with questions as if it were a hawk circling its prey from the sky. My mind wanders through the day what will he look like. Will he have my mom’s eye or my mom’s boyfriend’s eyes…?

“Angela?” I scurry up to the teacher holding the paper with my name on it, and step behind the others with in line. We go outside and step onto the beige pavement in single file line. It was as if we were a train and the pavement was the track. I seek for my car. I find my dad’s brick red Subaru, as I get closer I break away from the train. I hop into the car and say excitedly, “So how is my mom doing? Bring me to the hospital!” “Your brother was already born. “WHAT!” I exclaim.  “Why didn’t you pick me up?” “Your brother was a quick one, your mom wasn’t in labor very long.” I grumpily stare out the window. Silence fills the car. I wish my father picked me up early so I could see my brother right now, I yell in my thoughts. But I don’t stay mad for very long I am soon jumping in my seat repeating, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” For what seems like forever we finally pull into the hospital’s driveway. I stare at the brick and glass building as my dad scouts for a parking spot. We get out of the car once he pulls in to a spot. We are near the emergency section and I bolt toward the door. I look over my shoulder and see my dad just starting to walk away from the car and I am already at the entrance. “Come on dad! Hurry up!” I yell across the parking lot. I see him quicken his pace as I enter the building.  There is a lady at one of those long gray tables’ that you need to flip out the legs. There is a clipboard lying on the table in front of her. “Can I help you?” she asks. “Yeah, my dad is coming,” I say as the words leave my mouth my dad walks in. “Hello,” she says. We get our passes and we quickly walk through the twisted hallways of the hospital. It was as if we were in a maze. I can hear the clicking of our feet on the polished tile floors. We walk by a glass window; I look through it for a split second and see the newborn babies lined up in little plastic cribs. We walk on and finally make it to our destination. I peek around the corner of the doorway and see my mom on a hospital bed. “¡Hola!” she says in a cheerful voice. I run over to her and give her a big hug. “How are you feeling?” I ask. “Fantastic” she responds. I go give a hug to my mom’s boyfriend John. “Do you want to see your brother?” my mom asks. “Yes! Yes!” I reply anxiously. “Follow me.” says John. He leads me back to the window me and my dad walked passed earlier. I stare through the glass and see a few babies. I look over and there are some people next to us searching for their relative. “Who are you related to?” I ask. “Those two.” the woman says. “They’re twins,” she adds shortly after. I look at the two babies. There was a boy and a girl. “They’re beautiful,” I say “John?” I ask. “Which one is my baby brother?” He points straight ahead. I study my brother’s face. He has a little light blue hat with a little pine cone on it. His nose is kind of like mine, small and cute. Even though his eyes are closed I can tell he has big eyes. I look at his hands which are in little fists. His fingers are so small.

The funny thing is those tiny fingers made him be able to do things that me and my mom can’t do. He does mischievous things with those little fingers of his and he just turned two and he still does! I will never forget the day my brother was born. It was the day I became a sister, how can I forget that?

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  1. I really like how you are descriptive about the setting as it changes. I also really liked how you were so details about your brother.

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