The Shooting Star

Have you ever been to the best place on earth. When I was 10 my family went on vacation on Fire Island for a fortnight. I was very excited. During the second week we went to Ocean Beach to eat dinner. After we ate, we hung around the basketball court for an hour. I was very tired. My dad decided that it was time to go so we hopped on to a water taxi and I was scared because it was leaning back a lot. We waited for the taxi to stop and drop us off at Fair Harbor. I wanted to get home quick because I was scared. Since we were leaning back so much because of the speed, I thought that we would hit a wake and fallout or we would hit a wake and the boat would do a back flip. But I knew that wasn’t possible so I was scared that we would fall out. After a couple of minutes, my mom (who was sitting next to me) says, “Hey look, a shooting star.” I look up and there it is, a shooting star. It was one of the first moments that I realized how lucky i was with my family. I look at the smile on her face and realized that this was a special moment. I just look up and I can’t hear anything but my own thoughts, but I am not thinking. The moments that I watch the star feels like years. I decide to make a wish. I wished for nothing, because I have everything right here.


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