Time To Meet My Cousins

It was 2006 it was the first time I went on a plane. I remember when I was thinking that we were going to crash. The moment I walked into the airport I got trampled by a mad rush of people. I was a tiny 6 year old who was a nerves bee. I wanted to be stronger so that no one will hurt me. It was now the summer of 2012 and I was stronger than ever was before. I was ready to face my challenge. I was now 10 years old now I believed when I entered those doors I will bet my challenge.

The closer we got to the airport the more excited I got. I though will my cousins like me? Do they know English? Are they my age? All I knew was that they lived in Italy and they were boys. Also they had a mom and a dad, well texonolly they are boyfriend and girlfriend because in Italy they don’t get married. We unpacked the car. I remember that we have to got through lines worth of security till we get to the plane from my further experience with airports.

“Ugg,” I said.

But it was worth it because at 10 years of age I will have the vacation of my life I thought. As I walked in to the odd shaped airport we smelt a whole lot of perfume and smoke. This was the first time I ever smelt this. It made me not want to steep a foot into the airport again. In a split second my cousins who were joining us on the trip. They came running up giving us a hug.

There was a mad rush of people getting through security. I wondered will we ever get through this huge line. In the background I heard someone ask if he could go in front of them because his plane was going to leave in 20 minutes.

I said, “Mom that person has 20 minutes to get on his plane.

“Oh, I feel bad for him,” she replied back.

We got through security quicker than I thought we would. As we were waiting for the plane to come we were playing cards. The longer I waited the more frustrated I got but I would do anything to met my cousins. We noticed it was going from light to dark. We were suppose to be on the plane at 4:45 pm. I wondered what time it was. It turned out it was now 7 o’clock pm. In the end it was delayed 7 hours. By the time we got on the plant in was 12pm. In a split second I feel asleep. The time I woke up it was the afternoon and we were about to land in Rome, Italy. I remember when I went to Florida and it had to take an hour to get all of our baggage. This takes a lot a time from the start of your trip to the ends. It was a successful amount of time that we had to get our baggage because it only took 30 minutes. As we entered the exit we spotted our grandparents who been there a month before us. It was a bummer that our flight was delayed 7 hours but at least we made it to Italy. I still had jet legs so I feel asleep half of the car ride there till we got to the castle. Once I first stood up on the plane it felt like I was going to collapse I thought. The castle was like nothing I saw before. Its beautiful texture and design gives me a surprising shock. I get out the car which is the car because the car literally looks like an oven. We grabbed our bags out of the truck of the car and head towards the castle. As I entered the castle courtyard, the huge doors where almost 4 times the size as me. The courtyard was filled with hydrangeas, sun flowers, roses, daisies, and many more types of flowers including small trees. I remember on the way down to the castle we saw a big field of sunflowers. It was the most amazing thing I seen in my life. I imagine me jumping through the field of sunflowers. As I entered the castle doors I realized it was a very Italian style. This was the moment I was going to meet my cousins. I started to get nerves. Questions started popping through my head again, will my cousins like me? Do they know English? Are they my age?

I whispered to myself, “ you can do this. They will like you.”

I get my bathing suit on and head for the pool. As I entered the gate these two little boys come running up to me and give a huge hug. The boys bring me over to their mother. My aunt gives me the biggest hug in the world. well at least the biggest hug I ever got. The tears trickled down her face.

She looks at me and says, “I missed so much of your life.”

This meant the world to me that she had said that.

I realized I am so thankful to have met my cousins who live so far away. Not many people get to do that. Now I don’t have to worry if my cousins like me? Do they know English? Are they my age? I learned that family is very special to our lives and I do care about them more than I have ever had. I am a very lucky girl I thought.

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  1. I thought your memoir was well written but a few spelling errors and runnon sentences. It was funny and interesting. I enjoyed it.

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