Too Many Bills

Jarvis Jones grew up in south side Chicago with his mother who was stressed out.  She had many bills that had to be payed, but not enough money to pay them.

“What’s for dinner,” Jarvis called from his bedroom.

“Not right now,” his mother replied her hands filled with bills.

Jarvis put his head down in his pillow, his stomach growling. He knew his mom was struggling financially and he was tired of her stressing out. He wanted to do something, but didn’t know what he could do. He got out of bed and headed out of his apartment to the park where he met his friends almost everyday. He arrived at the park which was located in really bad part of Chicago.

“Yo,” John said to Jarvis.

“Sup,” Jarvis replied.

“Nothing much, how about you.”

“Looking for job,” Jarvis said in a desperate tone of voice.

Before John could reply a man in a leather jacket approached the two. Jarvis had recognized this guy whose name was Vince Williams. Vince had just gotten out of jail after being busted for possession of marijuana.

“Looking for a job,” he said in his deep voice.

“Yeah,” Jarvis replied in fear.

“You can deliver some drugs for me and make a lot of money.”

Jarvis would do anything to help his mother and was desperate for a job so he replied


“Cool meet me back here in an hour and I will give you your first job.”

“Alright thanks,” Jarvis said as Vince walked away to his car. He handed Jarvis a small green note that read the terms he must agree to.

“I better get going home,” Jarvis told John.

“Alright dude, but stay safe with the new job.”

“Ok peace.”

Jarvis arrived at home five minutes later and to his mom that he had gotten a job at the grocery store. This kept him out of trouble and also put a smile on his mothers face. When he arrived home he placed his note from Vince under his pillow. Jarvis watched T.V for about a hour then headed out to the park where Vince would be with his first job. He walked his way down and spotted Vince in his car. He approached him in his car to act normal.

“Sup,” Vince said.

“Nothing you got the job.”

“Yeah, the house address is 3 Elm Street,” Vince said handing over the paper bag which contained the drugs.

“Cool,” Jarvis said taking the bag and walking away.

He walked until he came upon a street where the houses had many broken windows and their paint was fading away. He saw a green sign that read Elm Street and began walking down the street looking at each house number. He spotted a faded red house that had the house number 3 next to its door. Jarvis made his way through the small front yard and up the steps to the front door. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. The door opened and a big dark skinned man answered the door. The man knew right away what I was there for when I showed him the bag. He gave me a weird look,but went back into his house to get the money.

“Here you go,” he said in a deep voice.

I looked both ways making sure that it was safe and no one was watching. I handed him the paper bag and he gave me the money.

“Thanks,” I said walking away quickly.

The front door of the house slammed shut and I began to run back to the park. On the way back I looked at all the money that I had gotten and realized that I could help mother in no time. When I had finally reached the park I looked around until I saw Vince standing outside his car. It was getting dark out and I wanted to go home for some supper.

“Here you go,” I said handing the money over to Vince.

“Nice job kid you may be my number one delivery man,” Vince said handing me over two fifty dollar bills.

“Thanks,” I said realizing he had gave me an extra $50.

“I better be getting home though.”

“Wait kid I got one more job for the day,” Said Vince.

“It’s on 95 Crooked Lane.”

“In total it’s gonna cost him $1000.”

“Alright,” I said taking the bag from Vince.

On my way to Crooked Street I had remembered my mother always telling me to stay away from that street. She had said that there were shootings there every day and it was the most dangerous street in all of Chicago. He walked down the road trying to stay away from any trouble he saw. He was able to make his way all the way to house number 95. He walked up to the doorstep taking caution with every step he took. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to come. The door creaked open and a rather smaller male stood at the door. I showed him the paper bag and he pulled money out of his pocket. I handed him the bag and he handed me over the money.

“This is only $200,” I said.

As soon as I said those words he began closing his door.

“Hey man give me the rest of the money.”

I opened the door back up and at that same moment I saw the man’s leg rise. He kicked me square in the chest and I flew back hitting my head on the cement. The door slammed shut and I stood up. My head was all dizzy and I started walking back to the park. I couldn’t even imagine how mad Vince was going to be. When I finally got to the park with my head throbbing I spotted Vince. I walked up to him and he noticed the gash on my forehead.

“What happened kid,” he said giving me a funny look.

“I got kicked,” I replied.

“Well do you have the money,” he said

I handed him over the $200 and he counted it up.

“This is only $200.”

“I know dude i’m sorry the guy kicked me.”

Before I could say anything else a switchblade was held up to my throat by Vince.

“You owe me,” he growled.

That was the last words he said until the sounds of police sirens began ringing just outside of the park. The cops pulled up and they took down Vince. Out of the car following the police officers stood my mother with the green note I had left under my pillow.

“What is your problem,” she yelled.

“You could have gotten killed.”

“I know, I’m sorry mom I just wanted to help you.”

“Don’t you ever do anything stupid like this again,” she said.

I nodded and watched as Vince was put into the back of one of the police cars. A cop approached me and began telling me about the dangers of getting involved with drug dealing. They did not arrest me, but instead just gave me a lecture on drugs and other crimes. I thanked the police officers and drove away in the car home with my mother. The car ride home was completely silent. I walked in the door of the apartment and thought that there would be nothing to eat so I made my way to my room. My stomach was growling and I was starving.

“What do you want for supper,” I heard my mother call from the kitchen.

I stood up with a grin on my face and walked into the kitchen for some supper.

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  1. I liked how you described the main character’s feelings and you kept it suspenseful so I wanted to keep reading.

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