Up Side Down Terror


“Miles get up” my Aunt Louise yelled,

“Ugh” I said,

It was a sunny and bright day in England where my Mom grew up. I was with my sister Rachel we were staying at my second cousins house for the week since I was at my Grandmas house last week and I’m a person that likes to switch things up.

My cousins house is yellow and white with lots of windows it has a little backyard with a trampoline in the back there is a secret passageway into this huge field which is owned by this regular sized school. As I walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat when my a little cousin lewis was sludging down the stairs well hes actually the same age as me but hes a few months younger and a lot smaller then me.

“oh hey Lewis” I said,

“hey” he said in a low and quiet voice,

Then I hear footsteps behind him and its my Aunt Louise Lewis Mom.

“So what are we doling to do today”I said cheerfully,

“Were going to Orton Towers an amusement park” My Aunt said .

Then my Sister and my other cousin Sam came down Sam was a little older then my sister. I have one other cousin and his name is Jake but hes at rugby and my Uncle is at work he manages a few subways.

“Ok lets go” my Aunt yelled,

So we all grabbed our coats and clothes for the day and jumped in the car.

“Oh, your Grandma Cathy and my mom Aunt Sue are meeting us there”.

I stayed at my grandmas house last week and I cant wait to see her again. Around 2 hours later we were finally there was a huge sign that said Orton towers so we looked for a parking spot then once we found that we unpacked then we went through this jungle path to this subway type train. We got on and it took us to another little train station then we were finally there we grabbed our tickets and ran to the rides the first ride we went on was called Nebula my sister didn’t want to go on because she was scared and so was I but my bravery instincts kicked in and I wasn’t scared. I thought to myself who am I kidding I’m scared too.

“Come on Miles” Lewis yelled,

“Coming” I said,

But as we were getting ready to get on I yelled “I can’t do this”,

“Very funny Miles come on” Lewis said.

“Miles don’t be scared I believe you can ride it so come on” Sam said,

“Ok I guess you’re right”.

So Lewis, Sam and I got on and as soon as I did my heart started pumping ten times as fast, Sweat dripped down my face and I couldn’t let go of the the handle bars. Zoom! I felt like I was going to jump right out of my seat and then I realized this wasn’t that bad so my arms let go of the bars and sweat stopped I was actually enjoying myself and when we got off.“Lewis, Sam that was the best ride I’ve ever been on” I Said,and I was never scared of roller coasters again

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