Lost in Florida

“Quick, Alex and Robert come down stairs we have good news” my father yelled.

Creek, thump. My brother and I raced down the stairs. My father broke the news to us we were going to Disney world in Florida for our summer vacation. I started packing my clothes early.

Five days later my parents woke me up at 2:00 in the morning. My uncle drove us to the JFK airport. Finally, after all the security we got on the plane. We made it to Disneyworld Florida we got to the hotel and unpacked all our luggage.

My brother and I went to the arcade in the lobby, after a while my parents got me and my brother from the arcade it was 4:00. We had lunch and started watching TV. After that we ate dinner and went to sleep at 10:00.

The next morning, we had breakfast then we went exploring around.

We went to talent shows, theaters, and street performers. Then, for our last act of the day we went to watch “The Incredibles” I was so happy. Since my sister was 1 and she was on a carriage and there were no carriages allowed. We left it next to the corner where all the other carriages were. We waited an hour in line I thought to myself when will the line be over. We decided to go to back to the hotel and have lunch. I ran far past my family to the carriage. I started waiting at the carriages for 3 minutes. i thought to myself when are my parents going to come.

I take one glance at the carriage I realized I was sitting at the wrong carriage I started to feel worried. I ran back looking past the big crowd of people. I couldn’t see my parents. I was really scared. I went to back to the line for the show but quickly got out. I sat at a pole for 5 minutes until a police officer came up to me I was nervous. She asked me where my parents were. I answer I don’t know in a slow but clear voice. She took my hand and went next to an emergency telephone pole. As she was calling another policeman, I saw my mom looking for me.

My mom came to the police and told her that I was her son. I was so relieved I now realized never to go ahead of my family again. this is a very important.

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2 thoughts on “Lost in Florida

  1. I thought the story was sad but pretty common. Disney World is a big place, so it is easy to get lost. My brother has gotten lost in Costco before. He went to the front desk and we found him. It was pretty scary though.

  2. I think the story should have more details, showing, and figurative language, but it was still enjoyable to read. It was almost like a short paragraph from a real book!

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