Getting Courage From Mom

Beep!Beep! The cars flew by our white Yukon as we drove to my tournament for Tae Kwon Do in White Plains,New York.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the tournament and I was really nervous.  The ride took one hour to arrive there.

When the car stopped in the parking lot outside the gymnasium, everyone evacuated the vehicle and grabbed the gear.  My  family jogged to the blue, metal, double doors and pulled them wide open.  Inside, the basketball hoops were elevated up so they wouldn’t interfere with the competitors. Also, big blue and red mats were scattered around covering the floors.  l sat down next to my family on the plastic green bleachers watching the Tae kwon Do students compete against each other.

Looking around, the place was huge and packed with many kids, teens, and adults.  Time slowly passed until the Tae kwon do  Staff  called my age group into the back room.  My Mom followed me to make sure I was okay.  “No parents allowed in the back room,” said the  young lady  by the door.  I walked in by myself and my Mom staying by the back door.

But she waited right by the door so she could follow me to the big blue mat.  The staff had us go in groups that were about 10 to 15 people in a group.  They had us go out onto the mats and brought the other kids on to the other mats.  When we were sitting on the side of the blue mats the pointed to me and another kid and had us stand up and the ref said fight!  My Mom was screaming get him Marky, sticking out of the crowd has everyone was looking at her.  But It was giving me more Courage.  The Sparring match was over.  My Mom said could job Marky As the ref put his hand over me and said winner.

They would put me on the other side of the Big blue mat  on the hardwood floor so I would not interfere with the other sparring matches. After I would fight the students that were the winner. And of course my Mom was sticking out of the crowd Saying get him Marky. The had the winners of the other mats including me because I was the winner of my group go into the other back room and wait until one of the mats were open so we can see who is grand champion. My Mom tried to get in the room again but the staff told her to get out so she would wait by the door and say are you ready for the next round.

They had us go on the mat. But this time it worked different because it was for grand champion.  So once you loose you don’t fight because you can’t win grand champion.  It was my turn do fight again so I was called up to spar and my Mom was screaming  louder than ever.  It was the last match and I was ready with my mom screaming before the match.  After the first round of kicking and punching my Mom bored a bottle of water on me.  Every time I would kick the student he would run away off the Mat and the ref would say stop and have us go into the middle again.  But I still won the mach.  My Mom was so happy I got grand champion.  My Mom gave me a big hug and said good job Marky I got a huge trophy that was 5 feet and 3 inches and meddles that were round and heavy.

The next day my mom had a screechy voice and could not talk.




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5 thoughts on “Getting Courage From Mom

  1. The boy told a good story about his Tae Kwon Do tournament day and painted a great picture in my head.He really described how his mom wanted him to win.He said he had lots of courage because his mom was screaming and chanting.Since he was confident,he won the whole tournament and was the champion.

  2. I like how u use so much detail and really explained how it all worked and looked.I could picture it perfectly even your mom trying to get in!It sounds like something my mom would do!One thing is that i didn’t really know what kind of tournament it was and there were a few typos so just go back and check always!! Great Job!!! 😀

  3. I liked how the boy described his tae kwon do tournament because he painted a great picture in my mind. I could picture how involved his mom was and she was really encouraging. I think the boy should of described more of what kind of moves he did. But overall, it was a great descriptive story.

  4. The mom seemed really supportive. The boy seemed he was confident even though his mom was screaming. If I were the boy I would be kind of embarrassed. I had a tae kwon do test this week and my mom and dad were really supportive. I did really good when I tested.

  5. I thought it was nice his mom was giving him courage and that courage let him be grand champion. Some people are age get embarrassed when their parents cheer for them. But you should be grateful that they cheer for you.

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