I Didn’t Change My Memoir Title So My Teacher Just Did This

It is 85 degrease out and I’m sweating up a storm just as i step out of the car. The sound of people cheering as they zoom down the zip lines rings in my ear.

They gave us a peace of paper that pretty much said we are not responsible for any injuries. The old lady in the office handed us our equipment and said to walk down and get a lesson on how to use the equipment. The camera guy was like hey guys want to take a quick pic. My mom said sure and later emailed it to me. As we entered the course there were zip lines every ware  and people were zooming down the course. But we had to take the most boring lesson on how to use our gear.* That wasted about 30 minuets of zip lining. We finally entered the real course i said “I’m going to do the hardest course”. My mom doubted me and would follow me to see if I could complete the course.

I step on to the course thinking to myself can i really do this. My mom said “are you shore about this” . I don’t say anything I just proceed through the course. I looked around to see myself about 50 feet off the ground. I just remembered that I am pretty much scared of a lot of things especially heights. As i look farther into the distance i see that the course progresses to the hardest level. My mom cheers on my sister as she reaches the last leg of the course. My cousin doesn’t trail far behind her. As i approach the rope walk I clip my self in  and take it slow and steady one foot in front of the other. My heart races as my foot slips of the cord. I quickly swing my arm up hand rail. I hope that that will not happen again. I lift myself up as slowly as possible so every one can see and I can get attention, Because I just like attention.

They all start to laugh and my sister says “i blew past the course in like 5 minuets”. I just role my eyes and move on. My mom says to me ” lets stop this course and go to an easier won”. Once again i just move on. I am now nearing the end of my journey. I approach my worst enemy the trapeze bar. I have only been on this once and i had and it didn’t  go to well. I had an option to go on a zip line or a trapeze bar. I look at my mom and the the bar her eyes look at the zip line. I think to my self she wants me to go on the zip line. I take a step toward the trapeze bar instead. I say to my self i am going to accomplish this course. I clip my self on and jump i latch my hands onto the bar. The bar zips forward , my grip loosens my hands start to slip. I am know hanging on by one hand. One finger two three four five. Whoosh i lost my grip and  are now falling in mid air. I am lucky that my harness caught me.I have been dangling hear for like five minuets. Was my arms in the air like i was drowning but i wasn’t . I thought to myself am i going to be here forever. That was was a no my mom told me ware to put my hands cause i couldn’t see above me  a hoisted my  again” I thought to myself wow things aren’t as easy as they look.

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