The Door Of Dispair


James Gombos

ILA Period 2

Mr Jockers


    A thing that changed my life for ever, (well for a while at least) is when I chopped off my finger. I was a cold October night and my brother called me up into our room. I dashed up there hoping it was something good when I got up to the door it was closed. I opened it and jumped into the room, but when I looked around the lights were shut off and I didn’t see my brother. Shortly after, my brother popped out of nowhere and gave a big jump and ran out of the room. While I was leaving with the door closing behind me I had my hand in the hedges of the door. While I was walking down the stairs in the dark I felt stinging in my right hand. When I got down to the light I took a look at my finger right away I noticed that my finger wasn’t there. “My finger!” I screamed in shock. Luckily my mom and dad acted quickly and called 911 as fast as they could. During that time I think my sister was screaming louder than I was. When the ambulance got there they lifted me on to the gurney and into the ambulance.

When we arrived at the hospital they rushed me into the room. When I got there the nurse asked, “How much does your finger hurt on a scale from 1 to 10”

I responded with, “3”

 It looked like she was surprised because my finger fell off, but I only felt the sting from before. When it was sewed back on they put in blue stitches because blue is my favourite color. When we left the hospital I had to keep a cast on my finger and go for regular check-ups until late December. While I was at the doctor they had to check to make sure that my finger it clean. Luckily I went because during that time my finger skin turned black and the doctor had to pick the skin off. Still today i’m very cautious about my finger because every time I hit it I feel that sting.

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