Stabbing Surprise

I’m in 5th grade, home, busily preparing my costume for the Recycling Fashion Show.

“This shield is gonna look awesome!” I thought to myself. I was going to make a shield out of a pizza box with a tin foil liner and handle! The requirement for the show was to only use recycled items. I knew we had pizza yesterday so I know the box is in the garage.

“That thin crust pizza was so good.” I thought to myself dreamily.

I walked down the stairs, into the garage where I retrieved a Mediterranean Pizza box.

I brought it up to the kitchen and traced a line with a black sharpie to cut on. I reached into the drawer beside me which contained the sheathed box cutting knife. I unsheathed the stainless steel blade and flattened out box onto the kitchen floor. I began to cut the box with ease. I’m almost done but the box just isn’t cutting so I place my knee on the ground for more stability and apply more force to the knife.

Wrong move.

The box cuts, but the knife is stabbed into my left knee.

I scream then yell a non-school appropriate word, and then quickly pulled it out worsening the pain tenfold. I wish I kept it in. I started to wonder how in movies the main character gets stabbed and keeps on going without stopping. The blood drips onto the cut out shield and you could say that it has “tasted war.” Bu-dum-crash!

My mom rushed into the room and screamed. She did the usual first-aid stuff but used extra gauze. I’m glad that’s over.

I hope it will all pay off when I won the show. WRONG again. I ended up not even coming in 3rd place! I was so mad how I stabbed myself in the knee and still lost.

Oh the irony!

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