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  1. Boulderdash

    The aroma of popcorn and fried food welled up in my nostrils. People were moving a vast speeds to get to the next ride that awaited them. My cousin, my sister, my mom, and I have alll just pulled into the best place ever a place that kids love and only some parents love. We are all excited to go on the exhilarating ride the boulderdash. I was 10 sounds weird to be afraid of roller coasters at that age but thats me a good old scaredy cat.

    “Oh my gosh I am so excited to go on the roller coasters.” my cousin said in an excited tone.

    I just stood there nodding my head in disbelief to think that this was going to be the day I go on my first roller coaster, also I was afraid to admit I was a chicken to go on. I mean atleast I am not going on alone then that would be the day I died. But if there was one way to prove I was not a loser it would be to go on that ride.

    “Hey Bella do you want to go on the boulder dash first?” My cousin exclaimed.

    “Uhhhh….not really I think it would be better for our digestive system to go on the smaller rides first how about the ferris wheel?.” Hoping that it would convince her.

    “Ok that sounds good” she says with that expression on her face that shows everything right now it is sad.

    We ran through the enormous crowd past the rides and to the ferris wheel. Its coloring was white and blue but the paint was peeling off to make it look old and rusty, kind of made it sound scary.

    “Oh no the line is so long, lets just go on the boulder dash.” she said hoping for me to say yes.

    Dont give in I told myself don’t do it but knowing me I just cant help myself to explode

    “Um alright fine.”

    As we started to walk away my stomach started to feel queasy and felt as though I was going to I was going to explode. We approached the sign and walked up the ramp which did not take long because the line as so long lucky for me. It was about 20 minutes before we got to the end of the line. Then the cart pulled up.

    “I dont think I want to do this anymore, lets go back the line to the ferris wheel will probably be down by now” I said my voice trembling with every word I spoke.

    “Dont be afraid Bella lets go it is not even that long.”

    We hopped into one of the carts. there were six carts connected together with two seats in each one. We took the fourth cart down towards the end.

    “Yes the farther we are back you feel as though you are getting thrown around like a dog with a rag doll I am a little nervous.” Nicky exclaimed.

    Now I did not feel so bad. “Make sure to keep hands, feet, and all objects inside the cart” the man controlling the ride said as he buckled us in and pulled down the lever to hold us down.

    I hear a tick tick tick of the roller coaster but I can’t see anything because my eyes are closed shut. I remember my dad telling me that the wooden roller coaster has more of a rustic feel to them and the feeling of them as you go around the turns have a harsh push to them and make you feel as though you are going to fall out knowing this scared me more. we started to go slowly up the tall first loop tick, tick, tick I hear as the cart moves up, I regret this and its not like I will regret it I do regret it right now I will never do this again I will never forgive myself I say over and over. Then “WHAM!” the cart goes plunging down throwing me and Nicky around all over the place i grab hold of the bar in front of me grasping it with all my might but the force is too strong with every rapid movement my hands start to slip off. I cant hear anything over my screaming and prying “AAHHHH THIS IS SO MUCH FUN” I yell.

    We go up and down up and down then we go to a strong halt the ride is over. That is when i realised i liked the roller coater. I know Iwill go on that ride again……..just not alone.

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