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Morning After Pill Avalible for Teens Without A Perscription

Plan B should be available for girls under seventeen because it is more safe than other morning after pills and abortion pills. It could also prevent abortion later on, and will keep a possibly pregnant teenager safe from teen pregnancy. Plan B is a tablet that contains levonorgestrel (a drug used in different birth control … Continue reading Morning After Pill Avalible for Teens Without A Perscription

NFL Shouldn’t Expand Playoffs

Multiple times, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, has speculated about expanding the league’s playoffs. Two more teams would be added if this happened, and according to Goodell himself, the proposal will be getting “serious consideration” (1). This is a bad idea, and if it were to happen, it would take away … Continue reading NFL Shouldn’t Expand Playoffs

Turning a Blind Eye

All over the world, small children are going hungry and dying because no one in the middle-class knows or cares enough to help them. Even minors living in well-educated areas seem to be turning a blind eye to the ever rising issue of poverty. Children in America are the future, and if they don’t know … Continue reading Turning a Blind Eye

Can a Straw Save a Life?

Over one billion people, one sixth of the world’s population, don’t have access to safe water. The LifeStraw by the Vestergaard company solves this problem. The LifeStraw filters dirty water into pure, safe water. The LifeStraw has no batteries or working parts and removes up to 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria. When you drink using the … Continue reading Can a Straw Save a Life?

Would You Miss Turning Pages

Have you considered what we would lose if we lost paper books? Would you miss the smell of books, or flipping a page, or even getting excited seeing a book someone else is reading that you’ve read before? I would. Although digital devices are more convenient, in schools and libraries, it seems paper books are … Continue reading Would You Miss Turning Pages

Too Much Pressure to be Perfect

Too Much Pressure to be Perfect The media depicts girls as stick-thin, super-thin but these standards are negatively affecting girls in. It’s estimated one in five women have an eating disorder and 50 percent of girls 11-13 view themselves as “overweight”. The pressure to be “perfect” starts younger than we would like to believe. Cases … Continue reading Too Much Pressure to be Perfect

Digital Versions of School Books?

Technology has triggered our advanced digital age. Paper books are out; tablets and computers are in. You can hold either five grand textbooks, or a tablet containing the information of hundreds. In school, paperwork and textbooks should be swapped for digital versions. My social studies textbook is approximately 600 pages. Textbooks come from trees and … Continue reading Digital Versions of School Books?

Keep Limitations on Plan B (Student Editorial Model)

Two years ago, a presidential appointee overruled the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to allow young teenagers unfettered access to an “emergency” contraceptive known as the morning-after pill. This was the correct moral decision and future administrations should uphold it. The pill, Plan B, halves the chances of pregnancy when taken in the immediate days … Continue reading Keep Limitations on Plan B (Student Editorial Model)