The Upside to Guns

Gun control is a major debate in which we still have no answer for. Many people think banning guns will solve this problem and others think that this will be useless and may even cause more problems. The two different sides have fought over this frustrating conflict for a long time without much progress. Guns have killed many people but protected others from harm. This is why it is one of our amendments. Guns should not be banned because they protect people and criminals can get them anyway.

First, guns protect innocent people. The people that buy guns have to go through a lengthy process that includes a background check and evaluations. If they do not seem like they are able to own one because of their mental stability or behavior, or don’t have a motive such as self defense or hunting, they would be refused a gun. A lot of the time this works. The other small percent of the time the criminal doesn’t even have a gun legally. This is where the tragic shootings happen. In the Sandy Hook shooting, the shooter, Adam Lanza, stole the gun from his mother and shot her before driving to the school. This means he did not get the gun legally and banning guns would have no effect on that situation. Afterword, the government banned assault rifles, limited magazine capacity, and made people have background checks which were very beneficial to stop things like this in the future.

Second, they help criminals get away with crimes. In most shootings, the killer can be taken out with a gun or stopped before completing the act. In one instance, the killer took a gun into a no-gun zone and shot an unarmed man. If this had not been a gun free zone, the victims wife would have been able to prevent the shooting or stopped the murderer . This is because this person was a law abiding citizen and followed the law, unlike the killer. Banning these weapons would cause trustworthy people who get guns legally and use them properly to lose their right and not be able to defend themselves against people who buy guns illegally with bad intentions.

The reasons for not banning guns are clear and reasonable responses to the debate on guns. It takes away the security of innocent citizens and puts the power in the hands of crazed psychos. They would have weapons that the people have been stripped of and that would leave families unarmed and vulnerable.

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3 thoughts on “The Upside to Guns

  1. I don’t agree although guns can be used to protect innocent people they can also be used to hurt them . Also if we tighten gun control then it will be harder for criminals to get them .

  2. I disagree with you. If there were no guns at all, people would not need to be able to protect themselves from people with guns because those people would not have any guns to threaten them with.

  3. Well guns are usually bought legally and the criminals that do have guns do not usually get them that way. I agree with you about tightening gun control but I do not think they should be banned altogether because that would restrict us from protecting our self and our families.

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