Naming Rights Essay

Sports teams should not sell their naming rights. The whole point of having your own home stadium is so your team has a special place for them to play. By selling the rights of stadiums away, you are taking your home arena and giving it to a company that has nothing to do with sports at all. The buying companies do not care about sports. That is like if a pet owner had to put their pet up for adoption and the person that bought the pet did not care about animals. If you care about that pet, you should make sure it is in good hands. The same goes for teams selling rights.

Ask yourself if it makes sense for a hockey rink to be named after a bank. How about a baseball stadium named after a grocery store? This is the first step to ruining a great sport. Changing the names of stadiums ruin the traditions of the organization and the memories of the fans. How can a fan connect to the true spirit of their team and the sport itself when their memories and great feelings experienced in the stadium are diminished by the business aspect of the organization. Imagine if Yankee Stadium was called Google Stadium. Many people in the world would be very upset and would have their memories and joys ruined all for a small amount of money that the organization does not need.

Many people would agree that business and money are taking over sports. Sports directors are more focused on the money than the joy of the sport and the fun of it. Everything has changed in sports since they first became popular. There is no more tradition left in sports anymore because if the organizations are getting money then they are happy.

It boils down to thinking about more than just the money and fame. The money is not worth destroying the naming of the place that represents all the team has accomplished and achieved.

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