Start School Later

Don’t all schools want their students to perform to the best of their abilities? Don’t principals want everyone single one of their students to be getting A’s on all essays, homework assignments, tests, and quizzes? And principals definitely want their students to understand what the teachers point is. Well, having students, especially teenagers, waking up at six o’clock every morning isn’t going to be successful for anyone. Schools should start later in the day so that teenagers can get the proper amount of sleep every night, parents can work, and students will perform better

Imagine going to bed every night at eleven o’clock. Then, having to wake up every morning at six o’clock or earlier. Research shows that teenagers should be getting an average of eight to nine hours of sleep every night!. The only way students would be able to actually be awake during school is starting school later. 15 percent of all students get the correct amount of sleep every night. Whether that’s moving school back half an hour, it would still be better

Parents normally have jobs that happen during the day. And most parents are normally stressed because their child is home alone without any supervision for a long period of time after they come home from school. Even though, they are teenagers, they could be doing something that they shouldn’t do. If high schools and middle schools started later, parents would be able to focus on their jobs, and won’t worry that their child isn’t okay. Elementary schools already start later and end pretty late. If school starts later than parents wouldn’t have to stress.

Have you ever been in first period, and blank out a lot? Well, it isn’t just you. Most teenagers perform worse, because they aren’t ready to learn at eight o’clock every morning. Teachers may think that they will get use to it, but they won’t. It isn’t healthy for children, especially teenagers, to be waking up that early. This may lead to students wanting unhealthy foods. Schools should consider starting an hour and a half later every day, so that students can get the proper amount of sleep. All of the students will perform better, and also won’t have any excuses of being tired. I think schools should start later in middle school and high school so students are able to have a bright future.

Schools should start later to allow students do their best in all of the class’s. It truly isn’t fair that students aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Schools should start later, so that everyone can get good grades, and have a great education.

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